Saturday, May 31, 2008


Queen Una~

The Matriarch with her children: l-r:
Paul & Loretta, Johny & Faye, Cora Etta & Grandma McKnight
at her 9oth birthday party, Weiner, Arkansas 2005
I appreciate Grandma McKnight for her cheerfulness. She has the funniest stories to tell, and is always laughing. She smiles all the time, and will make you smile if you talk to her. I think that's part of why she's lived this long. "A joyful heart is good medicine."

Her garden in 2005~

She also loves to do hen-scratch, and other needle work. For years she kept a large garden, but in the past 2-3 years, she's been unable to do as much.

She writes a weekly column in the local newspaper, and has for many years. Telling about days gone by, and things of the past, as well as the daily "scoop" of town life in NW Arkansas. She enjoys going to church, and visiting with her neighbors and friends.
Her house~

Today is Great-Grandma McKnight's 93rd birthday, and even though we can't be with her, I still wanted to congratulate her on 93 years of hard work and love to all who know and love her.

Grandma, I hope that you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. We hope that tomorrow when you celebrate with the family, that you know that the family who couldn't be there for your special day is celebrating along with you and would love to be there too! HAPPY 93rd BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!


With lots of Love,

David, Julia, Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden

Photos taken in 2005 at her 90Th birthday party that her family held for Grandma in her hometown of Weiner, Arkansas.

Picture of the day

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Un-Boxing

Today Mom's Mother's Day present arrived! Hip, hip hooray!

One of our favorite blogs is written by the Marcus Serven family. They are a multi-talented family, and one of their talents is music! They have produced a total of 5 compact discs.

Today, Dad surprised me by leaving a box on the office desk as I typed away at one of my tasks. It was the box! I refrained from opening it until the job at hand was completed. As I opened it up, I expected to find the c.d. I'd ordered, and an invoice... nothing else! Surprise! Thank you Serven clan for your immense thoughtfulness!

We have listened to both of the c.d.'s and are tremendously pleased with the quality of voices and the lovely, God-honoring Psalms and hymns!

Favorites thus far:

  • All Glory Laud and Honor

  • Ah, Holy Jesus

  • The Lord's my Shepherd

Mom was simply delighted with her gift! She "oohed", and "aah ed" over the c.d.'s. Rebecca, she hated to tear your handwriting! It was so pretty. :)

We forgot to take a picture of Mom with her c.d., but maybe we can do that later on.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's still time to guess on the Guessing Game!

Our garden (a few weeks ago)

There is still time to guess on the Guessing Game.

We love to hear your guesses, so if you have any, please leave a comment with them! (Also, look at the other comments that other visitors have left.)

I'll will just some up the clues I've given so far:
#1: The number of green beans is between 1 and 50.
#2: The harvesters were: Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden.
#3: The amount of beans picked was less than the amount of years my Mom has lived, but higher than the amount of years I have lived. (Hope you understand what I'm saying!)
#4: The length of the longest one was in between 1" and 8".

Have fun!

- Phoebe

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creation Museum Celebrates 1st Anniversary!

Answers In Genesis' Creation Museum celebrated its first anniversary on Memorial Day. Already, close to 400,000 visitors from around the world have toured and experienced this unique location coming away transformed, and ready to take on the Origins debate.

Ken Ham founder of AiG has a wounderful post regarding the flow of events for that special day!

Congratulations to Answers In Genesis and their faithful and wonderful staff, for this mile-stone in history. God be praised for the great impact and influence they are having worldwide.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Guessing Game!

Here is another guessing game we decided to do related to our garden:


Q #1: Guess how many green beans we have harvested (picked) so far.
Q #2: Guess how long the biggest green bean was.
Q #3: Guess who picked the biggest green bean.


Clue #1: The number of green beans is between 1 and 50.
Clue #2: The harvesters were: Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden.

R #1: No limits on the amount of guesses
R #2: Game ends on the 26th of June, or when someone guesses the correct answer. If no one has guessed the correct answer by June 26th, whoever has the closest guess wins.

Hope you have a fun time guessing away!


(To guess, please leave a comment)

Happy Memorial Day!

USMC Memorial - Washington D.C. (Photo curtesy of wikipedia)
Memorial Day - Also called Decoration Day. May 30, set aside in most states for observances in memory of dead servicemen of all wars.
God Bless, Protect and Keep our Troops until they all come home!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pray for the Chapman's

Wednesday evening, Maria Sue Chapman, youngest child of Steven Curtis(Christian Singer) & Mary Beth Chapman , was tragically killed in an accident at the family home.

During this very difficult time, please join with me in lifting them in prayer:

  • For Comfort
  • Strength
  • Hope & Peace


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just a gentle reminder...



Words... they were what started the universe, spoken by the Almighty Creator. Simple, powerful. Words have shaped the way we think and act. They have been some of the most compelling evidence for God, and yet have often turned people away from Him.

Touching the hearts of many, poets and authors over the centuries, have used words to equip, change and empower people. Words are powerful. They can either build the hearer up or tear them down. Words... why are we so fascinated with them? Because words help to communicate how you feel and what you think and how you love.

Recently, Mother brought a fascinating book to my attention. Simply entitled Words: A book about the origins of everyday words and phrases is a little gem of merely 64 pages. And yet, overflowing with astonishing amount of information.

Did you know?:

"By 1500, if you listened in on a conversation in England, with a bit of puzzling you could understand much of what was said. We call the language spoken then Modern English, our English. Of course, there were still many changes to come: changes in meaning, pronunciation, and especially in spelling. And many words were yet to become English. In Shakespeare's time, the late 1500s, there were about 200,000 English words. Now there are more than 600,000. Some of the words developed to fill new needs, to describe new inventions, to express new ideas. Many new words entered the language when the colonists, who carried English to the New World, met Dutch, Spanish, French, and Native American peoples and languages. Wherever English-speaking people live, work, play, or even fight with people who speak other languages, new words enter English. English is always growing, always changing."

Also this fascinating fact:

Of the 600,000 words that now make up the English language, the average English-speaking adult knows about 15,000. But 99 percent of our everyday speech is made up of 1600 words. All of these words have stories - how down became down and up, up. Why an umpire is called that. Some words have changed their meaning completely over the centuries, some have not changed at all."

Words are important. "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speak."

James had a timely warning, when it comes to how we use our words. I leave you with his thoughts.

5 "So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things.
How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!
6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life, and set on fire by hell. 7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, 8 but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. 10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so." James 3:5-10 ESV


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day just for Momma~

Sunday last was Mother's Day. Since I never got around to posting anything for that special day Saturday night (like I'd planned), here is the Mother's Day post!

"A dainty table spread..."

"with food... glorious food"

The Violets were from Joel, Caleb & Jaden for Mother.

To our Dear Loving Mother on Mother’s Day.
From: Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Johanna and Jaden.

Dear Mom,
Thank you for all that you have done for me, and for each of the other children over the many years. Thank you for your passion for knowing and obeying the Truth without wavering, and for your part in helping to fuel my desire to have that passion. I pray that the LORD will soon raise you up to health that will allow you to be more active again in your role as Mother.
Love from,

Hello Mums,
Wow! Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so glad there’s a special day just for Moms. :)
It has been my blessed privilege to be called your daughter. You are such a wonderful example of what godly mothering ought to be. Praise God for you!
During this time, I have come to understand just how important a mother’s role is. Wow! You sure did a lot of work. It has been a challenge, but one I’ve enjoyed. Your shoes have been big ones to fill.
The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon you and give you peace, the Lord be gracious to you.
With admiration, with love,
Abigail C. "abs" (18)

Dear Mama,
I praise God for allowing me to be born to you and Dad. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you and Dad for bringing up us children in the "admonition of the Lord." (Ephesians 6:4)! :) Thank you for being a good example of a Proverbs 31 Woman to Abby, Phoebe, and Johanna. May God bless you with a wonderful Mother’s Day this year.
With respect,
Caleb Nathaniel (almost 16)

Dear Mama,
Happy Mother’s Day!
Thank you for all that you have done for me, and for our family, even when you’ve been sick. You have cared for me (and my siblings) since I was born (literally), and you were always there for me when I was sick, when I had gotten a scrape or when I had a bad dream (!). I remember the many nights that you were awakened because of me coming into your room, scared. You are truly a Proverbs 31 woman, and are working at becoming a even better one. I love you, and will always love you, even if you are sick. Thank you for being such a kind, loving, compassionate, caring (I could go on & on) mother. I have a lot of fond memories of doing many things with you. Most of all, thank you for teaching me the Holy Scriptures, and being a good example of godly parenting.
I pray that the Lord will bless you with many more years of life, and that He will heal you completely, however long it may take.
I love you, Mama! :)
Phoebe Ann "Phoebe-dee" (almost 13)

Dear Mama,
Thank you for being a loving, gentle, careful, Proverbs 31 woman! You are such a good example to us childrenJ I enjoy your notes to meJ I pray the God will richly bless you, especially now when you are sick. I pray that you will have a wonderful Mother’s Day
I love you, Mama!
Your daughter,
Johanna Ruth "Jo Rudy" (10)

Dear Mama,
Thank you for being good to me. God bless your Mother’s Day! I pray that you will get better soon! :)
Your son,
Jaden Jacob "Ja" (5 ½)

~ Mother's Poem: Thank You, LORD... ~

A note from Julia: 4-21-08

The past year has brought nightmarish difficulties to our household. The LORD has sustained and encouraged us through it all - by His Word, His Spirit, His people, His material provision.

In this poem - which I compiled over the months - I focus on some of the blessings He has provided. These are all things that have touched my life. Yes, even the bat, which I saw during the day on one of my walks, clinging upside down on a neighbor's tree trunk with tiny brown babies tucked under her wings.
Long this may be, but there was much more I could write. (Like about how Gammy stayed with me while the family went to Jennifer's wedding. Then a few days later brought elderberry extract to our sick family.)

Please forgive the creative grammar. Sometimes the cryptic language is meant to have double meaning or to protect someone's identity. Other times it was used because it better suited the rhyme & meter.

~ Thank You, LORD... ~
~ By Julia Kautt, April 2008 ~

...For Butterflies & bats, dragon flies & bees
...For bright red geraniums,

English ivy on trees,

...For cardinals, chickadees, gray mourning doves
...For dear, helpful children,
a husbandwho loves.
...For sunshine & rainstorms, & even mosquitoes
...For relatives & friends, we have multitudes of those

Who express loving care in myriads of ways,
...For understanding looks, Janette Oke's books*
and for laughter on "bad hair days."

...For produce baskets, a car,

anonymous envelopes

...For the Word of God daily which brings us such hope
...For pencils & paper, a commission to write
...For pillows & fans, air conditioning at night,
(Also during the day!)

...For teacups & quilts & funny greeting cards

...For wild brown bunnies in neighborhood yards
...For astonishing drawings, from big hands & small
...For bright family portraits hung on my wall.
...For dishes & voice in three-part harmony
...For Mozart, Bach, Handel & Canon in D
...For piano, violin, mandolin, guitar

...For my children's making lovely music from afar.

...For tree frogs,

swamp candles, petunias & whales
...For horse, "Thomas Jefferson", piranhas, wagon "sails"
...For daily walks, funny Jaden talk and longhorn calves
...For Castleberry* books, goofy looks; "Hey, we made Mom laugh."
...For squares in a garden,

a leisurely chair.
...For bright blue skies, purple iris, fresh air.
...For triple teas, herbal drops, hymnal swings, & jumps
...For cheerful, sweet smiles to help Mama over the hump.
...For computer logs, habanero oil, long hours in the kitchen.
...For mid-night calls & late night drives,
...For godly people on a mission.
...For an attentive former neighbor. There's nary a doubt:

Mr. Amos is famous for helping us out.

...For his games to pass time, like blind-fold bucket races,
which put lots of grins on Kautt cousins' faces.
To the Kautts he's like family.
(Oh no. Is that Mr. Amos up a tree?)
He has a heart big as Texas
We're grateful for his largess & liberality
...For Jill, gone the extra mile, with a selfless smile.
...For oil rubs & patiently sitting - working on here knitting.
...For cotton gowns, PJ's, washcloths & phone cords.
...For phone calls to check & for uplifting words.
...For grandparents' concern. It's well understood.
(Thanks for you patience. This program's doing me good.)
...For their prayers, gifts, cards & phone calls.
...For advice & visits; we are thankful for all.
We'll sit down - someday - and have a long talk.
Grams, I hope to say, "How about a brisk walk?"
...For purple birthday curly Q's, a chain pull made of ribbon.
...For a journal, a tiny bear, a quarter & two tens.
...For a lovely rosebud pen holder, a fine horse sketch, affection.
What is that delicious smell emanating from the kitchen?
...For delicious meals, Abby, oil & wheels.
...For dusting, vacuuming & cleaning.
...For a brick patio guard, a pleasant, landscaped yard.
...For Joel's groceries, for treadle machine scheming.

...For needle & thread, a rag doll & unique doll dresses.
...For sisters who help fine new ways to style tresses.
...For muffled doorways, small round white noises.
...For walks to the park, and an energetic boy.
...For a somber boy, who brings tears of joy,
who speaks of baptism of another kind
...For years of scripture taught,
& Christ's blood which brought
the changing of a young heart and mind.
...For Phoebe's quiet strength,
...For David - who goes to great lengths,
then snores upon his bed.
...For Joel's wordless, loving deeds,
Abby's kind voice that leads,
...For Johanna & clean sheet on my bed.
..For Caleb's Scripture lifts, for Jaden's floral gifts
I'm blessed beyond measure,
For, in the whole wide world
who could buy
all this priceless treasure?

Thank You, LORD Jesus Christ, for all
these good gifts.
Julia, April 2008

*Author's Note: Her (Janette Oke) early ones. I don't care for the ones written after about 1996.

*Note: Go to this website to find out more about the Castleberry Family & book.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Boy and his play

Jaden at play in the side "yard". He wanted to make it "rain on my car town and trucks", so guess what he did while I was away? You're right, I came back to one giant mud-slide, with cars encased in slime. ;0 But, we did have a jolly time cleaning up that mess.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gutenberg, The Bible, and The Reformation

The following are a few of the many Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) compositions which were assigned to me, some a couple of years ago, and some as recent as last Reformation Day (Commonly called Halloween).

Gutenberg, the Bible, and the Reformation
Caleb Kautt

Johan Gutenberg was a remarkably successful pioneer in European printing, who lived in the 1400’s. Movable, molded metal type was one of the improvements he made to the preexisting presses, which implemented carved wooden type. Moving in 1438 from his hometown of Mainz Germany to Strousbourg Germany, Gutenberg partnered with Andreas Dritzhen. Together, among other things, they conducted experiments using different textures of types, and other typing methods. In 1450, Gutenberg relocated back to Mainz and began to work with Johan Fust, who was an investor and an entrepreneur with interests in printing. While working as a team, they printed many books, articles, poems, and papers. Above all, in 1456, they printed the Latin Gutenberg Bible. Consequently, they made God’s Word more readily accessible to Reformed-thinking Scholars, such as Martin Luther, and such. Those scholars then, in turn, began to translate the Bible into the native languages of the common people. The authorities in the Roman Catholic Church did not like this because they falsely believed that the Bible would soon become the topic of discussion and debate in "bars and taverns." Although the above may be true, in reality the Catholics more likely did not want the Bible in the hands of people because the people would soon realize the fallacies and extra-biblical doctrines in the Catholic Church that are so expressly forbidden in the Bible. The availability of the Scriptures, was in fact, one of the main ways that the great church-fathers like Huss, Calvin, Luther, and others were able to accomplish the reforms God used them to perform.

The Boastful Hare and The Victorious Tortoise
Caleb Kautt

One afternoon there was a tortoise taking a slow stroll and a hare came walking speedily past him. The hare noticed how slow the tortoise was walking and teased, "C’mon. Walk faster!" The tortoise was fed up with this because the hare had emphasized this ever since the tortoise had moved to the lake a few years ago. So the tortoise replied, "Okay. Since you make fun of me so much I will race against you in a special competition." The hare was dumbfounded and exclaimed, "I’ll for sure beat you! But I’ll race anyway." So they also decided to have the course setup by the fox and also have the fox be the judge. Two days later they met at the course. Although they started at the same point on the course the hare was soon so far ahead that he decided to take a short breather. But instead he fell into a deep sleep. The diligent tortoise had changed his pace at all but kept on his slow jog and after a long time he passed up the hare, and made it to the finish line where he was congratulated by the fox. Well, the hare awoke, jumped up and started running towards the finish line only to find, to his utter amazement, that the tortoise had won and was waiting with the fox, and that he had lost the race!

Insect Scholars?
Caleb Kautt

Booklice are tiny insects that crawl around on books and maps. But they are not there to read the books or look at the maps, though! They are there to eat mold, dead bugs, and crumbs. This "little scholar" is not big at all – usually only around 3mm long. If you ever find yourself looking for these booklice, you might want to listen for them, too, because the female attracts the male by agitating a little knob on her body on a flat surface such as a book of bookshelf. So if you are in a library and you hear a strange tapping noise, it’s not just your imagination but there are actually "live" objects making that noise!

Untouchable Dolphins
Caleb Kautt

Seemingly, dolphins are more intelligent than most other water dwelling mammals. On one occasion a dolphin was being trained to detect things that were dropped into the water. The trainer dropped a vitamin capsule into the water. He then asked the dolphin, "Is there anything out there in the water?" The dolphin, whose name was Peanuts, bumped the red ball meaning, "yes." The trainer then pulled out the vitamin capsule, and dropped an angle iron into the pool and asked Peanuts, "Is it cylindrical?" Peanuts, who snorted out water from his blowhole, knocked the blue ball, meaning, "No!" Dolphins, when being trained become quickly bored, but when challenged with a complex puzzle they immediately become intrigued and enjoy the puzzle immensely. Dolphins learn remarkably quickly. One extraordinary herd of dolphins, called the "untouchables, when caught in a fishing net, would dart out the bottom of it before it was tied up, taking the whole catch of fish with them. Because they are exceedingly fast and are intelligent enough to escape, the "Untouchables" remain free to this day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Summer is just around the corner! This year 4 of our "clan" got Crocs to wear, mostly for gardening purposes, but also just because they are"cool" and comfy.

I thought it would be a really neat idea to take a picture of those 4, Croc owners, and post it up here. Then here comes the fun part: you, our readers guess who's Crocs are who's. I will be giving you some clues:

Have fun!


Okay. It's pretty obvious if you know what we like.

Clue 1: She likes natural colors.

Clue 2: She is a *girly* girl. :)

Clue 3: We sometimes call her "Phil", "Oh, hoist your skirts."

Clue 4: S-h-o-r-t and cute, his favorite color is... ORANGE!
If you think you know even 1 of the answers, please leave your guess(s) on our comments page. Just click on the "comments" link, underneath this post. Anonymous comments are welcome, for all those none google-blogger users.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John MacArthur on Creation & Evolution

I just found a number of posts by John MacArthur discussing the Creation / Evolution debate. This goes in order from oldest post to newest. If I see anymore of his on this topic, I'll be sure and post them up on the blog.

Evolution: Science or Faith?
Naturalism's Missionary Zeal
Evolution and Ethics
Monkeying with the Meaning
Is Evolution Compatible with Christianity?
Genesis 1 and Biblical Authority
Taking Genesis at Face Value
Genesis 1: Fact or Framework?
One Last Post on Genesis

I hope that you will take the time to read each of them and their meaty content.

The last two posts in his series on Genesis were up on SFPulpit's site, so I have posted direct links here.


The Happiness of Those Who Trust in God

"1 I will praise the LORD at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my
2 My soul shall make its boast in the
The humble shall hear of it and be
3 Oh, magnify the LORD with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

4 I sought the LORD, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
5 They looked to Him and were
And their faces were not ashamed.

8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is
Blessed is the man who trust in Him!
9 Oh, fear the LORD, you His saints!
There is no want to those who fear

15 The eyes of the LORD are on the
And His ears are open to their cry.
16 The face of the LORD is against those
who do evil,
To cut off the remembrance of them
from the earth.
17 The righteous cry out, and the LORD
And delivers them out of all their
18 The LORD is near to those who have a
broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite
19 Many are the afflictions of the
But the LORD delivers him out of them
20 He guards all his bones;
Not one of them is broken.
21 Evil shall slay the wicked,
And those who hate the righteous
shall be condemned.
22 The LORD redeems the soul of His
And none of those who trust in Him
shall be condemned." - Psalm 34:1-5, 8-9, 15-22

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pray for America!

Today is the 57th Annual National Day of Prayer here in the United States.

Here is my prayer for our Country today:

That the LORD God would:

Transform the hearts of all Americans, to turn from their wicked ways, to pray and seek God's face, to humble themselves, confessing their sins, asking and seeking God's forgiveness.

Break our hearts over National sins: Abortion, Sodomy, Divorce, and the breakup of the family (the list goes on)

That the Word of God would be preached with clarity, and in Truth from the pulpits of America. And that the pastors and preachers would be filled with the power of God to preach Christ's Word, in season and out of season. That many hearts would be convicted of sin, and that a New Awakening would sweep the Nation like wild-fire.

That God would:

Give wisdom, courage, and strength to President Bush, his cabinet, advisers and family.

Encourage our Military commanders, and give them comfort, courage and strength during their times of separation from family and for their protection as they fight in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Bless our soldiers and their families, that God would shine His face down upon them and give them His peace and protection. That they would be soon reunited with their families.

Guide our next President in all Truth, that they would be rooted and grounded in the Word of God. That he/she would lead our Nation back to our Godly foundation, in reverence and humble submission realizing that we were founded on principles from God's Word. That he/she would be a strong, un-compromising leader, who will stand in the Strength of the Lord in the face of adversity.

And for the up-coming General Election, that all would be done to the will of God, and that His name would be magnified and that God's will would be done in the election process.

For God's blessings on:

Ministries like Answers in Genesis, Vision Forum, American Vision, Grace to You and the Institute for Creation Research, and others who are standing on the Word, and upholding the Truth to our nation so desperately in need of Truth. That they would be blessed, and that their leaders would not waver, even when they are attacked. But that they would take up the whole Armor of God, to face the Wiles of the Devil.


Christians families would: "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24: 15

I will close with this challenge. We must not, we cannot stop praying after today for our country and our leaders. For the massive problems we face. We must pray for these every day. Pray for America!

*"26 When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against You, when they pray toward this place and confess Your name, and turn from their sin because You afflict them, 27 then hear in heaven, and forgive the sin of Your servants, Your people Israel, that You may teach them the good way in which they should walk; and send rain on your land which You have given to Your people as an inheritance.... 29 Whatever prayer, whatever supplication is made by anyone, or by all Your people Israel, when each one knows his own burden and his own grief, and spreads out his hands to this temple: 30 then hear from heaven Your dwelling place, and forgive and give to everyone according to all his ways, whose heart You know (for You alone know the hearts of the sons of men), 31 that they may fear You, to walk in Your ways as long as they live in the land which You gave to our fathers."

*"13 When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land."

*Chronicles 6:26-27, 29-31; 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 [emphasis my own]