Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Reformation Day!

"Shout for joy in the LORD,
O you righteous!
Praise befits the upright.
Give thanks to the LORD with the lyre;
make melody to him with the harp of
ten strings!
For the word of the LORD is upright,
and all his work is done in
He loves righteousness and justice;
the earth is full of the steadfast love of
the LORD.
By the word of the LORD the heavens
were made,
and by the breath of his mouth all
their host.
Blessed is the nation whose god is the
the people whom he has chosen as
his heritage!
Our soul waits for the LORD;
he is our help and our shield.
For our heart is glad in him,
because we trust in his holy name.
Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be
upon us,
even as we hope in you." - Psalm 33:1-6, 12, 20-22
Happy Reformation Day everybody!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Riddle ~

Okay... since the last riddle was so easy (at least for some), we'll try another one. It may be just as easy...but we'll go ahead and try it.

Here it goes...
What can go up a chimney down, but can't go down a chimney up?

~ Phoebe

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Riddle ~

Here is a riddle:
If you were stuck in a room with 4 walls & a roof, no doors or windows, and the only other things in the room was a table & a mirror, what would you do?

Give us your best guess(es)! (to guess click on comment at the bottom of this post)

~ Phoebe

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My favorite books

Here is a list of some of my favorite books that I have read:

- The Courage of Sarah Noble By: Alice Dalgliesh
- Carolina's Courage By: Elizabeth Yates
- Amos Fortune Freeman By: Elizabeth Yates
- Betsy Ross By: Ann Weil
- Benjamin Franklin By: John Tottle
- Heidi By: Johanna Spyri
Courtship Series
- The Courtship of Sarah McLean By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry (the Castleberrys' books are fantastic!)
- Jeff McLean: his Courtship By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- Waiting for Her Isaac By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- Journey of the Heart By: Jeannie M. Castleberry
Farm Mystery Series
- Footprints in the Barn By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- The Mysterious Message By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- Midnight Sky By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry (can you tell I like the Castleberrys' books?! ;D)
- Who, Me? By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- Weighty Matters By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- Where there's Smoke By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
- The History Mystery By: Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry

- Ellie By: Mary Christner Borntrager
- Daniel By: Mary Christner Borntrager
- Ten P's in a Pod By Arnold Pent III
- The Greystone Lodge By: Author Unknown
- Show your Colors By: Author Unknown (a well known author, right?! ;D)
- Clean Hands and Circulating Decimals By: Isabella Alden
- The Second Reader By: The McGuffy reader
- Carry on Mr. Bowditch By: Jean Lee Latham
- They Gave us wings: the Wright Brothers By: John Hudson Tiner
- Trail Blazer of Science: Robert Boyle By: John Hudson Tiner
- Inventor, Scientist, and Teacher: Isaac Newton By: John Hudson Tiner
- My Country Tis of Thee: Samuel Francis Smith By: Marguerite E. Fitch
- Alone Yet Not Alone By: Tracy Michele Leiniger Cravens
- Adam of the Road By: Elizabeth Jane Grey
- The Hiding Place By: Corrie ten Boom (not recommended for younger children)
- Prison Letters By: Corrie ten Boom (not recommended for younger children)
- Tramp for the Lord By: Corrie ten Boom (not recommended for younger children)
- A Gown of Spanish Lace By: Jeanette Oke (not recommended for younger children)
- Twig the Collie By: Craig Massey
- Wisdom and the Millers By: Mildred A. Martin
- Prudence and the Millers By: Mildred A. Martin
- School days with the Millers By: Mildred A. Martin

Hope you enjoy this!!!


Just a gentle reminder to the "blog readers"...............we DO like comments!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beautiful yellow flowers ~

Another one of Mom's excellent drawings:
Giving credit where credit is due, this was drawn from a photo found in June / July 1999 Birds & Blooms magazine, taken by Gwendolyn Brand of Rowland Heights, California. - Julia

The Fossil Dig - one year later

Yesterday was a year since the fossil dig in Davis, Oklahoma. There we met the Wall family, a family with eight children. You can read more about the dig here!

The 50 States Questions - continued

Here are 5 more States/Capitals for you to match to each other (to leave a guess, click on the comments at the bottom of the post):

California, ___________
________, Tallahassee
Wyoming, __________
__________, Madison

Have fun!

- Phoebe

Happy Birthday to a Special Friend ~

The night before he moved
A special note:

To our Dear Friend & Former Neighbor, to Mr. Amos, or as we like to call him, Mr. "A": We hope you have a very special & Happy Birthday, and that the Lord will bless you with many more birthdays! We wish we could celebrate it with you. Guess we could celebrate with you "long-distance". :) You have become like family to us, our "adopted uncle".

Mr. Amos by his truck loaded on the last day we had him as a next-door neighbor.

We miss you as a neighbor & being able to see & talk to you every day [although it may have not been enjoyable to you :)]. We miss the fact that we could climb your tree, run in your backyard & play the fun games that you came up with. :) We are glad you were able to get a good job back in Oklahoma, close to your parents & family, and we hope to be able to get together soon!

Mr. "A" reading to Johanna & Jaden

We love you, Mr. "A"! Happy Birthday!

David, Julia, Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden

Monday, October 20, 2008

Guessing Game about our Garden

A few days ago we harvested some of the items in our garden, and the peppers were some of them. A long with eggplant. We've harvested along the way, as the vegetables have gotten big enough, etc. Can anyone guess how many peppers we picked from our garden? Note: we picked more than there is captured in the picture. We gave several away. Just click on comment at the end of the post, and leave your guess! We want anyone to guess! Hint: the number is over the "half-way" mark. more clues...except for this one last one:

Our bountiful & beautiful harvest of peppers

- Phoebe

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The 50 States of the USA

I just thought of something to do on our blog. Another guessing game, of sorts. I thought of this because we did this sort of thing in our "Geography" class yesterday. This may be so easy for everyone, but I'll do it anyway. it is:

Can you match the 50 States of the USA to their Capitals or the Capitals of the 50 States to the correct State? I'll start off with 5 mix match and do 5 more mix and match later on, etc. Here it goes:

1. Illinois, ______________
2. ___________, Annapolis
3. Nevada, _____________
4. North Carolina, __________
5. ___________, Salem

To guess, just click on comment at the end of this post, and leave your guess(es)

- Phoebe

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some pictures from lately

I found a way to take pictures. Can any guess how I did it? Hint: it was not with a typical camera. Leave a comment with your guess(es). Enjoy!

The "corky" siblings: (L to R): Abby, Johanna, Phoebe, Jaden & Caleb with red bell peppers in their mouths!

Finally a serious picture

The "Three Musketeers" (i.e. Johanna, Phoebe & Caleb)

An eggplant from our garden...with a nose (i.e. another eggplant trying to grow on it)

Pictorial remembrance ~

OK, so I never did post anything from our second Arkansas trip, and since it's been nearly 2 months, I won't bore you with lousy worded posts and no pictures. Instead... enjoy these various photos from our trip.

Saturday - We enjoyed a good southern meal at Weiner's Penny Place Cafe.

Saturday night we ate dinner with the Arkansas clan at Western Sizzlin. Afterward, we enjoyed some family time at Uncle Paul & Aunt Loretta's. A group photo with the McKnight-Kautt families.
Sunday - We attended church with all of the family. After the service we went over to Uncle Paul & Aunt Loretta's and enjoyed chatting with Grandma McKnight, Uncle Paul, Aunt Loretta & Grandma Kautt.

We also enjoyed watching the hummingbirds visiting Uncle Paul's feeder. A couple of times, there were at least 3 enjoying the sweet nectar.
Monday - Labor Day morning, we met Uncle Bobby Joe & Aunt Macine at IHOP. We enjoyed visiting with them and eating a delicious breakfast.

Monday - We counted over 70 vehicles from out of state just at our hotel! Most of the cars were from Louisiana due to hurricane Gustav.

Monday - Some of the beautiful rice fields near Grandma McKnight's house. The rice was nearing harvest season, so it was beginning to turn yellow.

Monday - After visiting with Grandma McKnight and viewing her grounds, plants and garden, we took a few parting photos of us with her.
Monday - In Texarkana, we stopped and ate an enjoyable Tex-Mex dinner at Chili's. Here we are at our booth (lighting was dim).

We had a wonderful time with our Arkansas family & with Grandma! The hospitality was first-rate, and we laughed our stomach's sore at Grandma McKnight's funny stores, anecdotes and jokes. We look forward to more memories and fun times with our family in the future.

~ A poem for our times ~

The Traders Lament
(After Black Tuesday)
Who cares what stocks may do today?
My has has long since turned to gray.
Dow-Jones flashed prices from the floor
While brokers called for margin: "More!"
They'd said: "Your list is long and wide
And also well diversified."
Later: "Margin! Send it quick!
Your holdings look a little sick."
O, boil me well in Standard Oil!
I'd slipped from Anaconda's coil
When Purity touched fifty-five, -
Down forty-fore - O, Man Alive!
I wriggled like a frightened eel!
From out the avalanche of Steel.
"Margin!" "Hold on, I'm nearly broke,
Sell Pennsylvania Coal & Coke."
They'd sold my Motors, sold my Copper,
When Adolf Gobel came a cropper,
They back me up against the wall
And pickled me in Alcohol.
This can't go on," somebody said,
"The crash will make the bulls see red.
Look, Curtis Pub is sitting tight;
The question is, is Curtiss-Wright?"
Farewell to old AT&T.
And all I owned from A to Z
Had vanished like the morning dew,
(They had to take my I.O.U.)
I'm sick and tired of raids and marches;
I've nothing now but fallen arches
Alas, that this should come to pass, -
Garcon, turn on that Brooklyn Gas!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Comparing the candidates - And the difference is?

With less than 1 month until November 4Th, it is important to make you aware of the differences and similarities of the two "anointed" candidates.

First off with an important quote:
"What is important to note is that Republican John McCain had Zbigniew Brzezinski as his foreign policy advisor for his 1999-2000 Presidential campaign. Now Barack Obama has Brezezinski as one of his principle advisers." - NY attorney Patrick Krey points out the lack of difference between these supposed adversaries who look for advice to the same outspoken champion of globalism and interventionism. Brzezinski, a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, was Jimmy Carter's security adviser.

With that in mind, here is a very helpful article that every American should read before heading to the ballot box.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34

May we always look to our Lord for strength, to stand for Righteousness and Biblical morals in an ever darkening world.

Monday, October 6, 2008

J.C. Ryle on books

"Of making many books there seems no end, though few of them are really profitable. There seems a rage for cheap printing and publishing. Newspapers of every sort abound, and the tone of some, which have the widest circulation, speaks badly of the taste of the age. Amidst the flood of dangerous reading, I plead for my Master's book. I call upon you not to forget the book of the soul. Let not newspapers, novels and romances be read, while the prophets and Apostles lie despised. Let not the exciting and lustful swallow up your attention, while the edifying and the sanctifying can find no place in your mind.

...give the Bible the honor due to it every day you live. Whatever you read, read that first. And beware of bad books: there are plenty in this day. Take heed what you read. I suspect there is more harm done to souls in this way than most people have an idea is possible. Value all books in proportion as they are agreeable to Scripture. Those that are nearest to it are the best, and those that are the farthest from it, and most contrary to it, the worst." - J.C. Ryle Thoughts for Young Men
"Your Word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You." - Psalm 119:11
"When you roam, they will lead you; when you sleep, they will keep you; and when you awake, they will speak with you." - Proverbs 6:22

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Check out Dad's Blog!

Be sure and check out Dad's Blog and read the newest post entitled 7 C's of History - 3rd C: Catastrophe. You might just learn somethings you've never even thought of, about Noah's Flood & Ark, and how it relates to the New Testament Fulfillment (Jesus Christ). Some really good insites that you should check out!

If you have any comments on it, please leave them, just click on comments, and leave your thoughts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Hello one and all!

Goodness! September flew by so quickly I can hardly believe that its over! What a lovely month it was. The weather cooled down, and it has not been above 95 in about a month. The past few nights, we've seen temperatures dip near 60 degrees in the evenings, which makes for some cool weather in the mornings! Glorious for walking...

Sorry for the lack of personal posts the last couple of weeks. The way everything is going over here in America is crazy!

Some of the exciting happenings recently:
  • We have been doing a topical study (for school) on weather. It is very amazing how God created the wind, cold, heat & wetness of this planet. We have been learning some staggering facts about the weather and how powerful it can be.
  • The continued excitement surrounding the opening of our church's Apologetics Library shows that there is such a desire to know the Truth. We have big plans, and are praying God's will on all that we do and want to do. More to come I'm sure... ;)
  • The last couple of Sunday's several of us have gotten together with friends at a local park to enjoy fellowship and fun! We've played 2 rousing games of softball in beautiful weather. This last Sunday afternoon found 16 of us playing in the bright sunlight. I got a slight sunburn on my face. We have invited several more friends to join us for some hoped for fun this coming Sunday. I personally can't wait!
  • Fall cleaning is in full swing, actually I have just been doing some deep cleaning alongside my usual weekly cleaning. Last week the house looked marvelous (at least parts of it did). I keep asking myself, "why can't it just stay this way all of the time?" But alas, it seems that the 2nd law of Thermodynamics is still in place (everything goes from order to disorder). I am happy to report that we are keeping the place in much better shape due to a joint effort! Thanks guys!
  • It is time for the yearly migration of the Monarch butterfly and we have been seeing literally dozens of them glide delicately by on their glossy wings. They are some of my favorite butterflies and it has been a spectacular show.
  • Our garden continues to produce veggies & fruit. We have several tomatoes, and also peppers, watermelon, and hopefully pumpkins. We observe their steady growth daily.

I could write lots more, and I hope to soon. Unfortunately, our camera's charging cord is broken, so for now you will have to be satisfied with text.

Blessings on your week!

~Abby for the Kautt Krew

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." - Philippians 1:21