Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the Midst of VBS

We are so busy right now in the midst of Vacation Bible School at our church. It has been such a great week of Bible teaching, singing great songs, having fun crafts and delicious snacks!

I (Phoebe) am working as assistant teacher in the Primary class. But, tonight the main teacher will be gone, so I'm teaching tonight! Yeah, that should be fun! :)

Abby and Caleb are teaching the Middler class, Dad is the director this year, and Joel is the Super Sleuth, who comes out each night with fun facts about the human body. It's been so fun this year!

I'm not going to post anymore pictures here, but you can check out NWCC's blog and view the pictures from each night so far. Night 001, night 002 and night 003.

Have a great day everybody! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ron Paul: Man of the Year

Pictures From The Past

These are some photos of a Christmas sing-along that we went to in December 2008 and our dear friends the W's house.

At a fossil dig in Davis, Oklahoma:

Dad talks with new friends, the Wall family

Mr. Wall (holding Lazarus) and Dad talk while I do the fossil digging in the foreground

Jaden and Joel - paleontologists *cough*

On Chrinoid Hill

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happenings ~

So, what's been going on around the Kautt house? Wow! What a question! I think the answer to it is: EVERYTHING!!

We have been so busy lately with things such as: Vacation Bible School preparations, family get togethers, making a short video, garden up-keep, CET ministry work, yard sale, visiting with old friends, celebrating Dad's birthday and Father's Day, eating yummy food, practicing the music for VBS, and dressing up. Whew!! Not to mention: getting high-speed internet installed (yes, finally!!), plan/prep for our planned vacation trip in July, working on the car, church activities, and all of our other daily activities.

So, here's a slice of our life in several pictures.

Yours-truly getting make-up applied (ugh.)

The crazy actors...

The latest edition of the CET Newsletter.

The 4 characters in our family costume party: Cowboy, Orville Wright, Elizabeth Pent, and Lucy (the "ape-woman").

VBS meeting number 2, hosted at our home.

Constructing the stage decorations for VBS.

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. S. for all of the help on this big project!

Visiting with an old friend, Mandy and her kids.

Our yard sale.

No, Dad is not 61, he was born in '61! So, he turned 49-years-old on the 18th.

The guys visiting with cousins Dennis, Jr. and Jason, and Uncle Dennis.

Abby chatting with Aunt Becky.

Aunt Becky made a delicious fruit salad to go along with the cake and ice cream.

Johanna and Mom did a great job at making the cake, it was delicious!

The guys working hard on Joel's suburban front end.

Jaden and his new Ariat boots he bought at the local Thrift store for less than $10!! I love those kind of buys. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Picture From The Past

Today is Dad's Birthday. One more year till big # 50! ;-) We love you, Dad!

Dad and Mom - Valentines' Day 2010

"I'm nuts about you" - Dad's Valentine to Mom - 2010

Question and Answer time with Dr. John Morris

Dr. John Morris speaking at our 2nd creation conference

Most of the Kautt Krew with Dr. John Morris at our 2nd creation conference

Phoebe pretends to fall over - Fall 2009 (pardon the pun) ;P

The audience at our 1st creation conference (see the links below)

My really good friend Elisha W. - February 2009 (at our 1st creation conference) Here and here are more links.

Kautt family - July 2009

Kautt family - fall 2009

Our fridge - 2008 or 2009 (Note from the editor: Our fridge has a lot more photos on it now!! :O)

Jaden and Johanna - 2007 or 2008

Jaden and Abby - 2009

The Kautt girls - 2006

Celebrating Dad and Mom's 25th wedding anniversary - 2006

Joel and Caleb in San Antonio - 2006

Kautt Krew - 2005

Curious Jaden and Johanna watching insects (2005)

We children visit with newly found friends at the Horn Creek Camp (in Westcliffe, Colorado) - 2004

Jaden feeds Joel ;P - 2004

The Kautt kids - 2003

Phoebe and Johanna - 2002

Abby and her friend Camille W. of the Annie Moses Band - 2002