Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rendezvous Trip ~

Please be in prayer for Dad, Abby & Jaden. They are going to be leaving today to travel up to Honobia, Oklahoma (you've probably never heard of it!), where the annual Rendezvous is held. The Rendezvous is a christian family camp in the Kiamichi mountains [way out in the boon-docks!].

We always have fun at the Rendezvous, camping out in tents (except when it rains!), cooking food over a camp fire, exploring the woods & ponds, and attending sessions at the "Liberty Barn". This time only Dad, Abby & Jaden are going, but I'm sure they will have a lot of fun. They be up there tonight, tomorrow and then will be traveling back on Thursday sometime.

Hopefully there won't be any carsickness on the very CURVY & HILLY roads. Hopefully we'll have many pictures to post when they get back.

Also, just a reminder, be sure to guess on our guessing game!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Abby's Mystery Sewing Project

Hey blog readers! We have another guessing game. The past few days, Abby has been working on a special sewing project. She and I both thought that we could make it a guessing game.

So, here are the clues:
1. It's a garment

2. It's for an up coming trip
3. Pictures:

Cutting it out

The pattern

And one more...

Leave your guess(es) by way of comment. You can find more photos of the project at Abby's blog.

Visit from the Mosbecks

On Friday we had some guests at our house, Mrs. Gini and Sarah Mosbeck. They wanted to drop by our house for a little visit on their way to Richardson, TX., from Fayetteville, AR.! We hadn't seen them in about 3 yrs., so it was nice to see/visit with them again!!! :-) Although they only stayed for about 20 minutes (which wasn't lo---n-g enough ;D), we still enjoyed the visit.

And, of course your's truley (the Kautt photographer) just had to take pictures of the visit. ;-)

Mrs. and Sarah (almost 20)

Re-arranging the Girl's Room ~

As part of spring cleaning, we decided that we should re-arrange our bed room. Here are some pictures from the "big event":

I am vaccuming under where the bed used to be

"Where should we put the bed?"

"Why does Johanna have to be taking pictures when we need her?!" :)

A self-portrait of Johanna

Abby being goofy (can you tell by the smile?!) :)

"Move just a little bit more."

"And...here it is!"

The final set up

Melt the Switchboard Monday!

From Abby's blog; please take time to read this and take action!

Our Legislation is now in COMMITTEE! Audit The Fed! Melt the Switchboard Day - Monday April 27, 2009!

This Monday, April 27th, every Freedom Lover will call in to the Congressional Switchboard and Voice their Support for Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207, Audit the FED! Help make this an Historic Day!

Ron Paul’s bill to Audit the Federal Reserve Bank, HR 1207, has now garnered 91 (and counting!!!) co-sponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on Financial Services where it will either go to the House for a debate and vote or it will be defeated.


That means it’s all up to YOU!
We MUST make the most of this opportunity by EVERYONE making a quick phone call to our Congressional Representatives to show our support for this all too important piece of legislation.

We need to step up and give the situation all of our attention NOW. IMAGINE THE NEWS ON TUESDAY MORNING:“Flood of phone calls shuts down Congressional Switchboard”. YES, WE CAN!

The Congressional Switchboard number is: 1-877-851-6437 or 1-202-224-3121. For more information please visit www.EndTheFed.us

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” - Robert Heinlein

Each of us should choose which course of action we must take: education, conventional political action, or even peaceful civil disobedience to bring about necessary changes, but let it not be said that we did nothing.” — Congressman Ron Paul

In the beginning of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” - Mark Twain

You can download and print the MeltFlyer by clicking here (google doc.) or here (html) - let’s make sure that D.C. hears our voice!!

For Liberty,
Abby - editor imprimis

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thought for the Day ~

Psalm 111
1 Praise the LORD! I will praise the LORD
with my whole heart, In the assembly of the upright
and in the congregation.
2 The works of the LORD are great, Studied by all who have pleasure in them.
3 His work is honorable and glorious, And His righteousness
endures forever.
4 He has made His wonderful works
to be remembered; The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.
5 He has given food to those who fear Him;
He will ever be mindful of His covenant.
6 He has declared to His people (Israel) the power of His
works, In giving them the heritage of the nations.
7 The works of His hands are verity and justice.
All His precepts are sure.
8 They stand fast forever and ever,
and are done in truth and uprightness.
9 He has sent redemption to His people; He has
commanded His covenant forever:
Holy and awesome is His name.
10 The fear of the LORD is
the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all
those who do His commandments.
His praise endures forever.
Sometimes David uses my Bible, and marks in it. I ran across these words that he penned near Psalm 111: ‘How am I to respond to God’s great, honorable, glorious, wonderful, power[ful]… work[s]?’
- STUDY them. (verse 2)
- REMEMBER them. (verse 3)
- ACT upon them. (verse 10)"
Thanks, David, dear for that insight.
I also noticed something that I’ve seen throughout the Psalms. In verses 4 and 7 are what I call "the twins" – the balancing law and grace: "gracious and full of compassion" and " "verity and justice." I’ve been playing a little game as I read and re-read Psalms of finding all the times "the twins" are mentioned. This is a display of God’s character.
There are also many occurences of what I call "the trivium" in Proverbs – knowledge, wisdom and discernment (and their synonyms). Once again, an indicator of the character of Jehovah God. Very interesting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Creation Minute

Creation Minute is an exciting series hosted by Eric Hovind that explores the creation worldview using cutting-edge visual effects and digital technology. Each episode challenges the evolution theory and gives evidence of the Bible's historical and scientific accuracy. Click here, to visit their website.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pictures from 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Guest sign-in and money tree

The money tree

The cake (made & decorated by Aunt Catherine) was so beautiful & yummy!

The snack table with tons of delicious food!

A guest at the cake table

Poppy addressing the "crowd".

The attentive "crowd"

The Jay Russell Family (L to R): Uncle Jay, Nick, Baylee, Trevor, Lacey, Aunt Mary, Janice & Josh.

(L to R): Aunt Jill, Andre, Reece, Stefon & Taylor

The Jurden Family: Uncle Charles, Aunt Jennifer, Lexi & baby :)


(L to R): Josh, Nick & Trevor

(Clockwise around the table): Taylor, Reece, Jaden & Ayden

Viewing pictures on the slideshow

Visiting with friends & family

(L to R): Stefon, Aunt Charlotte, Grams, Reece & Taylor

Grams making a tent for the two boys: Ayden & Jaden

Abby with litte Nate (Ayden's younger brother)


More visiting

And more visiting!

Jonathan and Elizabeth Ten Dolle's wedding on video!!!

Some of you may have missed watching Jonathan and Elizabeth Ten Dolle's wedding on the Servens' blog. Don't worry, click here to watch the video of it!!! :-) Congratulations, Jon and Beth!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Widow's Might

John Moore's fantastic movie, The Widow's Might began showing in theaters across this country. Unfortunately, it is not showing here in the DFW area. But, if you want to take a little road trip to a beautiful part of our state, then you might consider going to watch it at the Carmike theater in Tyler about 2.5 hours away. You can find locations and show times here.

I would strongly urge you to go support this film, you will be blessed and inspired by its powerful, family friendly and God honoring message!!!

Steadfast in Christ,

Friday, April 10, 2009

Reporting from Tyler...

Here I am sitting here in Poppy & Gram's house in Tyler... blogging! We have had a good day so far. We got here around 3:15pm. We have visited, eaten a late lunch and just now finished a super supper!

More later!

Happy Birthday, Grams!

Today is Gram's (mom's mom) birthday!

Dear Grams,
Happy birthday!
May the Lord bless you on your special day, and may He give you many more fruitful years of work for Him.
Thank you for the many years of good examples, and godly insight.

David, Julie, Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden

Please pray...

I would ask you all to be in prayer for us as some of us travel out to East Texas (Tyler, specifically) this morning/afternoon. Tomorrow is Poppy & Grams' 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, so that is the main reason we are going out. Hopefully, after we get back, we can post the pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures from Mom's Birthday

I am finally going to post some pictures from Mom's birthday celebration last month. We take so many pictures and have so little time to post them... okay, that's just a lame excuse. :)

Mom with all of her gifts we gave her.

The butterfly bell I gave to Mom - 2 of her favorite colors, purple and yellow!

Soy Lavander candle from Joel - I have one too, and I love the way it smells!

The bag flowers, that Caleb made for Mom - he is quite handy with wood.

Jaden's cute card - turtles, butterflies and his dear little message to Mom.
Mom reads Johanna's nice card to her.

Dolphins and other sea creatures - by Jaden. He loves to draw and spent a long time deciding on what to draw from Mom, including a nice card.

Smile! This is such a good shot of Mom. She is looking better each day!