Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pictures from Mom's Birthday

I am finally going to post some pictures from Mom's birthday celebration last month. We take so many pictures and have so little time to post them... okay, that's just a lame excuse. :)

Mom with all of her gifts we gave her.

The butterfly bell I gave to Mom - 2 of her favorite colors, purple and yellow!

Soy Lavander candle from Joel - I have one too, and I love the way it smells!

The bag flowers, that Caleb made for Mom - he is quite handy with wood.

Jaden's cute card - turtles, butterflies and his dear little message to Mom.
Mom reads Johanna's nice card to her.

Dolphins and other sea creatures - by Jaden. He loves to draw and spent a long time deciding on what to draw from Mom, including a nice card.

Smile! This is such a good shot of Mom. She is looking better each day!

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