Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sewing project, done.

Way back in the summer, I began creating a denim skirt for my own uses.  I wanted it to be full enough where I could run and climb and play ball in it comfortably.  Then we had our church’s VBS, our long-planned for family vacation, school shopping, the resuming of the school year, and still my half-finished skirt lay miserably undone.

The finished product
The finished product

Sometime in October Mom suggested that we work to complete my skirt, as I was in need of some clothing.  I reluctantly agreed.  Sewing is not “my cup of tea” as it were, though I understand its value.

The chosen pattern
The chosen pattern

We began again to sew on this project, and after many starts and stops, I put the final stitches into the waist-band last night!  Hooray!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a Reminder

To those of you who may be new readers of our blog, and to those who have been long time readers, just a reminder to check out some other resources our family provides for internet blog readers. 

Dad's Sermon Blog
Our Dad is the preaching minister at Northwest Christian Church, here in the city where we live.  A selection of his sermons are up on his sermon blog for those of you who may be interested in reading them.  His current series on 1 John might be of interest to you.

Creation Evangelism Tools Ministries
This is our family creation ministry.  On our website you can read articles that we have written, which have previously been published in CET Ministries' newsletter.  You can sign up for our bi-monthly email newsletter.  And, we also have a list of other helpful resources that you can purchase. Don't forget about our YouTube channel where you can view our videos, and our Facebook page where you can stay up-to-date about what's happening with CET. 

Abby's blog
This is Abby's personal blog, where she blogs about things from her recent happenings to theology to politics and religion.  You'll find her thoughts and musing very insightful and encouraging. 

The Annual Valkommen Historical Costume Party

On the thirteenth on this month, most of my family (excluding Dad and Joel) went to some dear friends' costume  party. We had a blast!! :)  This is the party Mom and I made my costume for.  Below are some photos:

The Ladies (before Crystal M. arrived). L-R (backrow): Abby, Elisha W., Bethany G., Beth W., Mrs. G., Mrs, W., Aunt Jill. Front row: Hannah G., Deborah W., Mom, Phoebe and yours-truly (Johanna).

Abby, Mrs. W., Beth W. and Phoebe

The young men: Benjamin and Micah W., Caleb, cousin Stefon, Nathaniel W., Aaron G., Stephen and Andrew W. (this was before Josiah M. came).

Andrew W. presents his character: Richard Bong, an American World War II Ace who shot down 40 Japs in his P-38 Lightning.
The Medal of Honor was awarded to him for:
"...Conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action above and beyond the call of duty in the Southwest Pacific area from October 10, to November 15, 1944. Though assigned to duty as gunnery instructor and neither required nor expected to perform combat duty, Maj. Bong voluntarily and at his own urgent request engaged in repeated combat missions, including unusually hazardous sorties over Balikpapan, Borneo, and in the Leyte area of the Philippines. His aggressiveness and daring resulted in his shooting down 8 enemy airplanes during this period."

L-R: Andrew and Nathaniel W., Jaden, Caleb and Mom, Micah, Mr. and Benjamin W.
Aunt Jill

Aunt Jill presents her character: Mary Elizabeth Bowser

Three historical characters talking: Mary Elizabeth Bowser (Aunt Jill), Princess Adelina (Johanna), and Phoebe Knapp (Phoebe)

Elizabeth presents her character: Sybil Bingham (a missionary to Hawaii).

I was Sybil Bingham, one of the first missionaries to Hawaii.
She and her husband Hiram Bingham sailed in 1822 to the Hawaiian Islands as part of a group of missionaries. Through very many trials (such as all thirteen persons living in the same room 20 feet square for the first few years )

Sybil and the other missionary wives persevered and did not waver in their commitment to sharing the gospel with these heathen. Immediateley on their arrival the native ladies begged for dresses like those of the missionaries, and so Sybil and her friends set to work and created what we now call the Mumuu.
Sybil felt it her highest goal to give an example of the Christian home and family the pagan Hawaiians. She believed (quote)“that even the most humble details of housework could be transformed into a witness for Christ. Their attention to their children could demonstrate the love that Christ had for the physical and spiritual well-being of all persons.”
Sybil Bingham is an inspiration to me because of her diligence and perseverance on the mission field, but also because she left a living legacy of these qualities in her children.
Her sixth child, Hiram Bingham II was also a missionary to Hawaii, and his son Hiram Bingham III was the man who re-discovered the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.
Hiram Bingham III had seven sons, one of whom, Hiram Bingham IV, was U.S Vice Consul in France during World War II and rescued 2,000 Jews from the Holocaust by issuing visas and helping refugees escape. He also sheltered jews in his own home and forged identity papers for Jews traveling through Europe. He Married and had 11 children, which shows that Sybil and Hiram Binghams love of children was also passed down!

Beth W., Mrs. G., Abby and Phoebe
Bethany G.

Bethany G. presents her character: Tcernicieru, a Romanian woman who stood fast for the faith even though it meant losing her job and eventually being put in prison after trying to escape Romania.

Caleb presents his character: Colonel William "Bill" Henderson (a WWII soldier).


Cousin Stefon (I just LOVED his outfit)!

Mr. W. presents Deborah's character: Queen Astrid of Belgium.

In the words of her father, Prince Carl of Sweden, Astrid “had a heart of gold … she loved everyone, and everyone loved her". Astrid’s husband, Prince Leopold, was her greatest admirer. They were a very happy, deeply devoted couple.
The young Duchess of Brabant (Queen of Belgium), raised in the simplicity of the Scandinavian courts, joyfully raised her growing family. At a small villa in the palace grounds, Astrid even cooked for her family. She was appreciated very much by the Belgians for her simplicity and naturalness. For instance, she used to stroll her children up and down in the street in their carriages, incurring the criticism of the Belgian court officials, who told her she was breaking protocol by so doing. She only replied: “But I’m just another mother, am I not?” She even went as far as joining the crowds during a military revue in an effort to see her promenading husband at the head of his regiment.
Miss Deborah-- my little friend/sister! :)

Deborah and yours-truly (a queen and a princess)
Elisha presents her character: Joan of England, Queen of Sicily

Elisha dressed as Joan of England, Queen of Sicily.
In an English castle on October 1165, the youngest daughter and eighth child of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine was born, and named Joanna, or Joan. From birth, she was surrounded with chivalry, troubadours, adventure and intrigue. Her father was absent, and she lived with some of her siblings at her mother’s castle in Poitiers. Joan was 8 years old when her 18-year-old brother Henry, encouraged by her mother, led a revolt against his father. However, their attempt ended in failure, and Queen Eleanor was imprisoned in the castle of Winchester.
Despite the family strife, Joan grew up into an attractive, intelligent girl with a fair face and brown hair. When she was 12, her father sent her all the way to Sicily to marry the Sicilian king, William II. Palermo, William's royal city, was a sunny isle in the Mediterranean, and many things were strange and unusual to the girl-queen. However, it was a happy marriage. Joan was a good queen, an able helpmeet to her husband, and popular with the people. The couple's only sorrow was that they had no children.

Joan was only twenty-four when her beloved husband died. At once her life was turned upside down. An Italian prince, Tancred, seized control of Sicily and imprisoned Joan in a palace in Palermo. He denied her the inheritance due her as William's widow and her dowry.
But help was at hand. Joan’s older brother, Richard the Lionhearted, King of England, had just started on the Third Crusade. When he heard of the plight of his beloved sister, he sailed with his whole force to Sicily to rescue her. Tancred refused to release her, and the lionhearted Richard deployed his forces. After several sharp battles, Richard’s stout English knights and men-at-arms defeated Tancred’s forces. He hastily made peace with Richard and released Joan.
During this, Richard’s mother had arrived with his fiancĂ©e, Berengaria, and Joan became Berengaria’s companion. But Joan’s adventures were not over. En route to the Holy Land, the ship carrying Berengaria and Joan went aground off the coast of Cyprus, and they were threatened by the island's ruler, Isaac Comnenus. Again, Richard came to the rescue. In a series of rapid sieges, he captured the island and overthrew Comnenus.

Queen Joan of Sicily is inspiring to me because, alone in a strange country as a young bride, she rose above any loneliness to devote herself to loving and serving her husband and her new country. And because, despite fluctuating and precarious circumstances, she always retained a sweet spirit. 

Dear Elisha
Here is Hannah G., presenting her character: Anna Corbell 


  Yours-truly and Stephen

I came as the ancient Princess Adelina of Germany (from 700 A.D.) Here is my script:

"Adelina grew up as a daughter of missionaries from Ireland, around 700 A.D.

Both of Adelina's parents died while she was a young maiden. She was left to the care of friends in what was then called Thuringia, Germany.

Thuringia's original ruler- Herzog Gozbert, who was a Christian- died and left his pagan son, Hedan, to rule.

One day, Hedan was on his way to stop the Christians at the Cenoby Hochhiem, when he came upon a glorious sight indeed. A maiden of almost angelic appearance was bending over a man whose forehead was streaming with blood. Herzog Hedan asked the maiden who she was.

"Adelina, daughter of Iberius, a man of God who is dead," she said. Hedan was looking at her in admiration and astonishment that she was alone in the forest and asked her why she was alone.

"I am not alone. God is with me, in Whose service I came," Adelina responded. Hedan asked who the wounded man was. Adelina went on to explain that the wounded me (whose name was unknown to her) had tried to set fired to one of the Christians cabins so that the whole Cenoby would have been engulfed in flames. Hedan was surprised that Adelina would return good to one who wished to do her evil.

"Why should we hate him who hated us? He hates us because he is a poor heathen, thinking thereby to please his gods. But our God has told us to do good to them which hate us and spitefully use us," Adelina responded.

Hedan later asked Adelina to marry him. Adelina hesitated, for Hedan not a Christian. Hedan threatened that she and the other Christians would be persecuted because she said no. Adelina was reminded of the verse that says, "Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friend." Adelina then commited herself to be Hedan's faithful wife. Hedan later became a Christian due to Adelina's daily witness.

I admire Adelina for loving and caring for those who persecuted her, witnessing to the lost, and keeping a loving cheerful attitude. That's why I chose to come to this party as Adelina, princess of Thuringia".

Some of the "audience"

Josiah M. presents his character: Sergeant Alvin York
Some of the younger ladies
Enjoying each others company

Benjamin presents his character: Lukas Fuchs (said Foss)
Micah presents his character: Dwight Eisenhower

Micah and Deborah W.

Mom and Mrs. W.

Mom presenting her character: Rose Allen

Mom, yours-truly, Beth, Micah and Deborah W.

Mr. M. presents his character(s): All the everyday, normal Christians who were not portrayed by the rest of us at the party.

Some of the ladies: Mom, Mrs. G., Mrs. W., Bethany and Hannah G., Beth and  Deborah W.

Hanging out before the party

Mr. G. presents his character: George Washington Carver

Mr. G.

Mr. W. and Mr. G.

Mr. W. presents Deborah's character:

Mr. W. presents his character: Hudson Taylor

Mr. W. presents Stephen's character: our dear cousin Andre who recently went to the Navy. How sweet!

Mrs. and Mr. W.

Mrs. W., Beth W. and Phoebe

Mrs. G. presents her character: Elisabeth Elliot

Mrs. W. presents her character: Perpetua

Nathaniel presents his character: Beryl  Newman, who received the Medal of Honor during World War II---

"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty on 26 May 1944. Attacking the strongly held German Anzio-Nettuno defense line near Cisterna, Italy, 1st Lt. Newman, in the lead of his platoon, was suddenly fired upon by 2 enemy machineguns located on the crest of a hill about 100 yards to his front. The 4 scouts with him immediately hit the ground, but 1st Lt. Newman remained standing in order to see the enemy positions and his platoon then about 100 yards behind. Locating the enemy nests, 1st Lt. Newman called back to his platoon and ordered 1 squad to advance to him and the other to flank the enemy to the right. Then, still standing upright in the face of the enemy machinegun fire, 1st Lt. Newman opened up with his tommygun on the enemy nests. From this range, his fire was not effective in covering the advance of his squads, and 1 squad was pinned down by the enemy fire. Seeing that his squad was unable to advance, 1st Lt. Newman, in full view of the enemy gunners and in the face of their continuous fire, advanced alone on the enemy nests. He returned their fire with his tommygun and succeeded in wounding a German in each of the nests. The remaining 2 Germans fled from the position into a nearby house. Three more enemy soldiers then came out of the house and ran toward a third machinegun. 1st Lt. Newman, still relentlessly advancing toward them, killed 1 before he reached the gun, the second before he could fire it. The third fled for his life back into the house. Covering his assault by firing into the doors and windows of the house, 1st Lt. Newman, boldly attacking by himself, called for the occupants to surrender to him. Gaining the house, he kicked in the door and went inside. Although armed with rifles and machine pistols, the 11 Germans there, apparently intimidated, surrendered to the lieutenant without further resistance, 1st Lt. Newman, single-handed, had silenced 3 enemy machineguns, wounded 2 Germans, killed 2 more, and took 11 prisoners. This demonstration of sheer courage, bravery, and willingness to close with the enemy even in the face of such heavy odds, instilled into these green troops the confidence of veterans and reflects the highest traditions of the U.S. Armed Forces."
Phoebe presents her character: Phoebe P. Knapp

More shady characters

Stefon presents his character: Nathaniel Bowditch

Sweet Stephen