Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jaden's Baptism

The night before Jaden's baptism, Mom's parents (Poppy and Grams) and Mom's sister Jill came and spent the night with us. :)

Mom and Grams

Poppy and Jill

This is Sunday October 31st, 2010-- Jaden's new Birthday! :)

The baptism

After the baptism, we went home and had a delicious meal.  All of the parents and grandparents ate in the dining room. We younger ones ate outside.

L-R: Brittany C., Grams, Joel, yours-truly, Jordan C., Caleb, Jared and Jadon C.

Jadon C., Matthias P. and Jaden K.

David P.

Some of the children playing "catch"


Friends: Abby and Brittany C.

Friends: Joel and Jordan C.

L-R (only foreground): Jordan C., Joel, Jared C., Brittany C. and Abby

L-R: Jordan C., Joel, Jared C., Brittany C. and Abby.

Later on, most of us "children" went to a nearby park and played "baseball". Here are Phoebe and Jadon C.

Phoebe bats

Jordan and Jared C. talking with Joel

Cousin Jason batting

L-R: Aunt Jill, Mrs. C. and Mom looking at Mom's artwork

"Grandma" Smith, Abby and Jordan C. talking

"Hello Grandma! Love you!" :) (Note from editor:Mrs. Smith is NOT our grandma. We just have "adopted" her as Grandma). 

L-R: Poppy, Caleb, Aunt Jill, yours-truly, Mrs. C., Grams and cousin Andre

Three cakes made by Phoebe dear: The top left one is for Mr. "Grandpa" Buddy Smith (his Birthday was that day) and he is a fire-inspector, hence the flames. The top right one is for our dear cousin-"brother" Andre who left for the Navy (Chicago) boot-camp on the 3rd of this month. The bottom cake was for Jaden. It's orange-- because his favorite color is ORANGE! :) Phoebe did a GREAT job on the cakes (baking and decorating) as always. :) They were delicious!

L-R: Cousin Stefon, Joel, cousin Andre, "Grandpa" and "Grandma" Smith, Brittany C., Grams, Grandma Kautt, and cousin Jason. Literally, family from all over Texas and spread out in our family tree.

Caleb and Andre.

Yours-truly, David, Poppy, Aunt Jill and Andre.

A parting shot: Poppy, Andre and Grams.

Dad, Mom and Aunt Jill. I LOVE you three!! :)

Abby, Andre, Caleb, Joel, Phoebe and Jaden.

Caleb and Stefon playing their guitars. :)


Justin said...

Welcome to the brotherhood Jaden :)


P.S. Does the brotherhood sound gang like...? lol

The Kautts said...

Thanks bro! (wink!)

Caleb for Jaden (He doesn't know how to type very well yet).

Justin said...

You will get it quick! I couldn't type well at first, now I am fast, just wait Jaden, soon you will be faster then all your family :)


The Kautts said...

*Laughs* :) I'm sure he WIlL be faster than most if not all of us!

Johanna (for Jaden)