Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures from the Past

Abby, cousin Stefon and Grams play scrabble (summer 2009)
Grandpa Kautt plays the piano (winter 2008)

Relatives from Japan! :) - winter 2008

Mr. Amos and Caleb (2008?)

Basketball with Uncle Jim and cousin Jason (summer 2009)

Cousins Andre, Stefon and Lexi and our Phoebe (summer 2009)

Cousin Nick, Uncle Abe, cousin Baylee and Josh (at Uncle Abe's baptism- summer 2009)

Siblings (minus Joel): Caleb, Phoebe, Jaden, Abby and yours-truly (Johanna) - summer 2009?

Phoebe, Abby and Joel (summer 2009?)

Here are all of us Kautt kids (not baby goats) with Uncle Jim and Aunt Naomi :) - summer 2009

Joel at his work (at Herb Mart in Plano). Here he is with Uncle Jim and Aunt Naomi. - summer 2009

The five Russell siblings: Julie (Kautt), Jay, Abe, Jennifer (Jurden) and Jill. - summer 2009

"It's raining!" - spring or summer 2009

Abby and Jaden at a July 4th tea party (summer 2009)

Andre. "We miss you!"

Dear, sweet friends: Elisha and Beth-- we hope to see you in just 3 days! :)

Mrs. B. and Mom

Here we are visiting with the Dr. Jobe Martin family at their home (spring 2009?)

Visiting with the F. family after enjoying a good meal with them (summer 2008 or 2009)

Sweet Ellie S. and Abby (2009)

Here are all of us Kautt children with "Grandma" and "Grandpa" Smith. :)

Hannah C., Abby and Phoebe talking (summer 2010)

Colonial cousins (summer 2010)

Abby took this photo of herself and yours-truly. :) - summer 2010

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