Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Neat patterns

I took these photos of Abby's violin, and thought I'd share them.


The intire violin

Up the bridge! (pun intended) ;-)

Howdy-do from Us to You - From Colorado!

{Please note: While I was originally writing this post, the computer I was using locked up on me. So that is why this post was kind of a dot dot dot. You know, .........!}

Joel, Abby, and I are here in Lake City, Colorado, with our maternal grandparents, and one of our mother's brothers. We are having fun here and are working and playing hard! We have done some carpeting work here at the lodge at Redcloud Ranch in Lake City, CO.

Now that we are back, I would have to say that I enjoyed the entire trip, except for the fact that we had to come back home!

We were able to go on the Alpine Loop, over to Silverton, CO, and we got to see the Durango and Silverton Railroad steam trains up close and personal. And we got to see two in less than 15 minutes! Usually they only have one train come in to Silverton per hour, but not that day.
The jeep ride on the Alpine Loop was fun, but about as tiring as riding a bull for 6-8 hours straight!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Flowers and babies

Red star

Pretty 'n' pink

Red rose (Tyler's flower)

I believe that this is the herb parsley

Yellow heart

Pretty pink flowers

I'm very pleased with how this photo turned out! I had been wanting to get a photo of a bee on this plant, but didn't think that I would. Well, when I snapped this photo I didn't even notice that this bee was in the photo! I was pleased when I found out. :-)


Orange you glad I didn't say banana?! ;-)

I took this photo in Tyler, a few months ago.

Jaden, Abby and Ava June


Leighann Grace Talbert and Abby. I thought that it was funny that they both were wearing pokey-dots! :-)

Hannah Faith


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flowers and old buildings (part one)

If you can't tell that I really like old buildings, plants and flowers, I really do! Here are some photos I have taken of old buildings and flowers/plants. :-) Enjoy!

Texas' state flower: the bluebonnet

An orange flower

Is that you who smells like lavender?! (inside joke). ;-)

Face to the sun

I saw this barn on our way back from Tyler, a few months ago.

Phoebe's 14th Birthday

Phoebe had a Birthday on the 28th of last month. We celebrated it by having a humming bird cake, Alden's ice cream and Dr. Tima's rootbeer floats. :-) Sorry that we took so long in posting about this! Here are some photos:

Dr. Tima rootbeer. Mmmm......

The Birthday cake. Yes... Phoebe had to make her own cake!!!

Blow 'em out!

Joel (being goofy), and yours' truly

Caleb, Abby and Jaden, enjoying the special day.

A visit ~

Thursday afternoon, some of the Wahlquist family came to pick-up Caleb's riding lawn mower to fix it. Mrs., Elizabeth (20), Nathaniel (18), Benjamin (15), Andrew (13), and Micah (11), all came. Of course, we visited while there were here. Jaden had a blast playing with Micah. Ben is the normally quiet one, but Caleb surprised me by saying that Ben had read the whole “ The School Room Responsibility act of 2009”, to the other boys! I had been expecting Caleb to say, “Yeah, Ben was quiet the whole time...” Yes, Caleb did show the older boys the fake bill he made for a Blessed is the Man school project. Abby, Phoebe and I really enjoyed visiting with Beth. It's always fun when they come over! :-) Mom and Mrs. Wahlquist talked the whole time, while the older boys were outside (most of the time). Later (a few hours after the Wahlquists had left) , all of we Kautt kids and one of our neighbors' grandsons (Syler, age nine), played “baseball”. We weren't using a bat or real base balls, instead we were using a tennis rackets and tennis balls, and hitting the balls like you would in real baseball. Part of the game, we played in the RAIN! :-) Boy, did that feel nice! Some of us got soaked, too. But, it was really fun!!! Here are some photos:

Phoebe, Abby and Elizabeth, having a discussion.

Talking about our 2004 Colorado trip.

The Moms, talking.

Beth and Abby. Phoebe was also in the room, but was too far to the right to be in the photo.


The boys, enjoying the visit

I thought I'd post this photo, because Jaden and Andrew are standing almost the same exact way, and their hats are very similar, and NO this was not posed! :-)

Jaden plays legos with Micah

Brothers: Ben and Nathaniel

And the pitch.....

And that ones a pop-fly...... ;-)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flowers (part one)

This photo of a pink rose was edited by me. I adjusted the exposure, and maybe the lighting.

This photo was also edited. I believe it is some kind of violet.

Amerilis (this photo is not edited).