Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Howdy-do from Us to You - From Colorado!

{Please note: While I was originally writing this post, the computer I was using locked up on me. So that is why this post was kind of a dot dot dot. You know, .........!}

Joel, Abby, and I are here in Lake City, Colorado, with our maternal grandparents, and one of our mother's brothers. We are having fun here and are working and playing hard! We have done some carpeting work here at the lodge at Redcloud Ranch in Lake City, CO.

Now that we are back, I would have to say that I enjoyed the entire trip, except for the fact that we had to come back home!

We were able to go on the Alpine Loop, over to Silverton, CO, and we got to see the Durango and Silverton Railroad steam trains up close and personal. And we got to see two in less than 15 minutes! Usually they only have one train come in to Silverton per hour, but not that day.
The jeep ride on the Alpine Loop was fun, but about as tiring as riding a bull for 6-8 hours straight!

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Johanna Kautt said...

Hey, Caleb! Have y'all gotten to go jeeping yet? If so, was it fun? I bet it was! :-) I know it'd be really fun for me.

Thanks for posting. It seems that the post somehow itterupted. We'd love to see the rest, when you can!

Love from you sis/sis,