Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fourth Annual Memorial Day Blast

 Yesterday, our family had a large get-together with friends and family. We visited, ate, and played ultimate frisbee, volleyball and baseball. Here, here, here, and here are photos from the past three years. 

L-R: Mr. G., Mr. C., Mr. P., Luke P., Mr. Y. and Amy Y. having a theological discussion. :)
Lizzy G.

Yours-truly, holding my 'niece', Lizzy. :)

Sweet lil' Lizzy-bug. <3

Mrs. D., Ava Y., Mrs. Y. and Mrs. C.

Joel, Allison Y., Mark P., Andrew Y., and Stefon W. playing volleyball

More volleyball players

Alvin and Anna Y.

Mark P., Caleb, Dhirender R., Isaac D., Stephen P., Andrew Y., Brittany C., and Rachael P.

While most of us played volleyball, a few decided that throwing the frisbee would be more exciting. :D

Caleb, Mark P., Abby Y., Anna Y., and Jared C. conversing

Dhirender R., Andrew Y., Jordan C. and Andrew D.

Sweet Ava Y. :)

Ultimate Frisbee players

Brittany C. and Tristan G. :)



Pick-a-boo :)

I took Angie, Alvin and Ava Y. over to the play ground-- they really loved it! :)

Ava loved sliding down the slides

Mr. C., Dhirender R., Dad and Andrew D. visiting

'Scotty' :D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top Bar Bee Hive

Here's an alternative to the common bee hive setup. I hope our family will have opportunity soon to build and use two or three of these. Julia

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do you ever worry?

I wrote a blog post earlier this week, expressing my thoughts on what we are going through right now, as a family.  You can read the post at my blog.  I wanted to share it here, but was experiencing technical difficulties.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

English Country Dance Practice (May 2012)

Last night was the monthly ECD practice. All of us, except Dad and Joel, went. And we sure had loads of fun!!! We danced (among other dances), "Virginia Reel", "Levi Jackson", "Posties Jig", "Trip to Paris", "Addison's Waltz". :)

Dancing "Addison's Waltz" and being very confused
Can you spot Caleb, Abby and Phoebe in this photo. I am also in this photo. :)
Some of the moms and kids watching and visiting
Hope P. and Sarah K. (far left) dancing