Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Blast

Yesterday we had our second annual Memorial Day blast. It was so fun, even getting a terrible sun burn!!

Our friend Mr. A. arrived at our house on Sunday afternoon. We visited and did some food prep.

On Monday, we got up to the park around 10:30am, after spending the whole morning preparing food. We played around for a while (baseball, Frisbee) and then around 11:30 we played a kickball game (so fun!). Then we had our lunch, tons of food!

For the rest of the day played another couple games of kickball, two or three games of Ultimate Frisbee, and throwing the baseball around. After all of that being out in the sun, we were all scorched, to say the least. So we were up at the park until around 5:00pm, then those of us who were left (Mr. A., our cousins and us) went back to our house. We sat around, talked and relaxed in the cool house. Mr. A. left back for his home in OK. We had a dinner of left overs from the picnic, and visited until after 9:30pm.

It was totally a BLAST! Thanks to all of those who came and made it so enjoyable!

Abby Y. is going to get to first base because I (Johanna) am not looking in the right direction! :-)

Oh, Benjamin W. is going to get to first base!!

Playing "Mexican Train" (Dominoes) with Mr. A. on Sunday afternoon.

The No Bake Cookies cooling

Caleb sprouted a mustache while stripping the corn. :)

And Joel sprouted a pony-tail. :)

We all pitched in with the stripping of the corn.

Abby chatting with the W. young ladies

Joel chatting with Mr. W. under the pavilion

Circle of young ladies (except little Alex) visiting in the shade of a tree.

The kickball game

Cousin Andre is the one kicking in this photo

Chatting in between games

Cute little Alvin Y. and Jordan P. (with Deborah W. in the background).

Johanna holds Adam P.


Before the second or third kickball game

Lining up in age order for the team-picking

Isaac D. does a nice slide Andrew W. runs after the ball

Luke P. runs to first base

Waiting for Jaden to kick

And he's off to first base (I, Johanna, am about to get him out ;P)

Sweet Alvin and his sister Angie Y.

Playing ultimate Frisbee

Joel supervises the younger P. and Y. children as they play a game called the "clothes-pin-game".

Playing a very mysterious game *wink*

Chatting under the pavilion

Phoebe's sunburn after the big day was over (Editor's note -from Johanna: Mine was just as bad! I looked like a raccoon in the face because I had been wearing sunglasses).

Photo courtesy of: Johanna and Phoebe Kautt, Anna Y. and Deborah Wahlquist.


Abby said...

Yesterday was so much fun!!! Thanks again for inviting us! I am sunburned too, but not too much, but Alex has a circle around his eye where there wasn't any sunscreen! :)

The Kautts said...

Hey Abby,

Yes, yesterday was so much fun! :) We're glad that you all could come and make the day even more fun. Hope y'all's sunburns heal quickly! ;)

Soli Deo Gloria,

Amy said...

Yes, thank you for inviting us! Despite the discomforts and inconveniences of being outside on a hot day, it wasn't too bad, and it was lots of fun! It was great to get to see you guys again. I hope we get to come again next year.

The Kautts said...


I'm glad y'all had fun, even with the hot weather and sunburns. We will definitely have to do it again next year (if not before).

~ Phoebe

Justin said...

Dude I'm jealous, you guy's are lucky, I got to go swimming with some friend's, Wish I could have gone and got sunburned! xD


The Kautts said...

Who'd want to get sunburned?!



Justin said...

I would xD