Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Adventures

I didn't get around to finishing this video until today.  But, it tells a bit about what happened our the trip we took to Arkansas during Spring Break.  It was quite an adventure! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Treasure Jesus

October Baby

Go see October Baby starting March 23rd!

Travel to Arkansas

We just got back from Arkansas on Saturday morning (1:00 am). We were up there to help clean out our Great-Grandma's house. We spent most of our time organizing, cleaning, decluttering, etc.


grape hyacinths

an old truck across the road from my Great-Grandma's house
Great-Aunt Cora Etta (pronounced Coretta). She is my Dad's Mom's sister. :)

this letter is dated '1949'
old letters

my sis kindly took these photos of me. :)

lady bug

iris sunshine

This man is related to us somehow-- I think he's a distant cousin.

We girls went on a long walk and stopped to take this photo

One of Great-grandma's friends, Lillie,  her husband, Bud, and their daughter.

More relatives whose names I do not know.

Runetta Hughes-- she is my Great-grandma's brother's daughter (i.e. my Great-grandma's niece). She is around the same age as my parents, but the generation above (she's my Dad's Mom's cousin).
That's my Great-Great Uncle Anderson on the left (my Great-grandma's younger brother). He was the father of Runetta (pictured above).

This is a photo that was at the Cracker Barrel restaurant we went to. :) I LOVE old photos!!! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicks and More

Most of you know that we have three beautiful hens.  Cheep, the first one we acquired, came home with us last May as a week-old chick.  A couple of months ago, my sister gave us the other two, Scratch and Peck, as companions to help Cheep stay warm through the winter.  If you're visiting our Suburban Homestead blog, you saw that a couple of days ago, Jaden found our first egg.  It's probably from Cheep (about 9 months old), and not the other two, because they're likely past egg-laying age.  (By the way, this morning Joel found a second egg, similar in color to the first.)

Caleb "the farmer" was at the local feed and seed store yesterday.  Alas, he was lured by the siren song of the new, tiny chicks in the store.  Their sweet little peeps drew him in, and yes, you guessed it - he succumbed to their wiles.  He brought home two Buff Orpington chicks.  They are the cutest little things!  We sat and played with them and watched them for several minutes.  They should grow to be beautiful, productive birds.

We hope to purchase about 6 more chicks in a couple of weeks.  And probably Scratch will then meet her demise.  Jaden insists she's too old and tough to eat.  We'll see.  Actually, I'm not sure any of us will be able to eat a pet.