Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures from the Past

Here's another post containing "pictures from the past". Some of these pictures date back to 2003. Enjoy seeing the younger Kautt Krew. :)

Note: the pictures are not in chronological order.

Caleb going back in time to the 80's (2009)

Joel & me working at a friend's garden in the Spring of 2009.

Joel in his business attire (2oo8)

A Sunday lunch, out on the back drive (2008)

Abby sewing (2009)

Picking peaches at Grandma's house (2009)

Cute little Jaden, just after he pulled to stand for the first time! (2003)

Jo (2008, I think)

The crazy brothers (in Colorado, 2009)

Egyptian sod layers, a.k.a. the Kautt Kids (2006, after plumbers tore up our front yard)

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