Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Picnic/Games - part 2

After all of our fun at the park, Neal Z. & his daughters, Zoe & Avery, and Aunt Jill & 3 of her 5 sons, came to our house. We played guitars together & visited some more. Neal Z. & his daughters then left. Then Taylor, Andre, Stefon, all of us Kautt kids & Dad played 2 basketball games. Very fun! :) After all that tiring basketball, we ate a supper of leftovers from the picnic. Aunt Jill & her sons were here until around 9:30pm. Memorial Day was a fun, tiring & exciting day for the Kautt family!

Chatting politics in the front yard

Watching as the ball flies through the air toward the goal

Slam dunk!


Basketball game in action: Taylor with the ball

More action

Jaden, the sun-burnt corkster

Abby & Phoebe sword fighting (now we know how they really feel about each other! Wink, wink!) :)

Jaden with Bo, Aunt Jill's dog

Andre being goofy :)

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Anonymous said...

He, he! That was so fun! I loved the way Andre looked with those HUGE eyes! :-) I just had to take a picture of it. LOL.

Johanna Kautt