Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first "baby-sitting" experience

Yesterday morning while I was making birthday and anniversary cards, the phone rang and Caleb answered it. It was one of our good friends, Beka M. and she said that she was going to get her hair cut at the barbershop and she needed to take her almost two-year-old son, Alex with her, but she needed to have someone watch him. So, since I am the only one (in our family) that Alex likes the most, she asked for me to go with her and Alex and watch him. I was delighted, because I love little Alex! :-) He's one of my many little buddies! LOL. ;-) I also was happy because this was the first "baby-sitting" job I had done.

All went well, and I miss him! :-) He's so cute. Of course, I had the handy-dandy camera with me and snapped four photos of him. My favorite is the last one, the one of him through the mirror. Here they are:

Alex doesn't always like to look at the camera! I used to be that way, too---- I hated having photos taken of me! LOL!

Alex and his "shape ball". Can you believe that I used to play with one of those?! Seriously, I did! :-)

Lookin' 'round

Looking at Alex through the mirror and playing peek-a-boo really made him laugh.

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Abby said...

Cute photos Jo! I like the one of Alex in the mirror, kind of a quirky effect. :)

Good blogging sister!