Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Picnic/Games - part 1

Pictures from our Memorial Day Picnic/Games. There was a total 6 families who came (including us), and a friend of one of the families, Mike. We had a yummy lunch, got sun-burned :), played ultimate frisbee, kickball & visited in the shade of the pavilion. It was very fun, and tiring! :) Enjoy!

Grilling hot dogs & corn-on-the-cob

The ultimate game of "Ultimate Frisbee" :)

Watching Isaac prepare to take a swing at a flying baseball

Isaac again ready to swing at the ball


Averie, the pitcher on the team I was on, in kickball.

In action: Mark caught in between first & second base.

Alex, swinging... and smiling! :)

The US flag on the side of a nearby house, in honor of Memorial Day.

Eating more food

The larger, less experienced, and sadly, losing team, in action.

Awaiting a pitch, with team mates watching

Visiting in the shade of the pavilion.

Explaining an interesting mind game.

This game was very interesting, at first you get frustrated because you can't figure it out, but when you find out the answer, it is SO EASY! This is how it goes: you all sit in a circle. You have two sticks (knifes, forks, lolly pop sticks, etc.). You are not told the rules of the game... because that is the whole point of the game: to figure out the rules! You're supposed to watch the
player(s) that know the rules and try to figure it out. Anyway, without taking along time to explain, you say something to the effect of "I received these sticks crossed and I pass them on uncrossed," or "I received these sticks uncrossed and I pass them on uncrossed," etc. The thing is, what you're supposed to say has nothing to do with the sticks (they're just a distraction) or with what the person before or after you has said. I thought there was some kind of a complex pattern you're supposed to figure out. But, it's not that at all... it all has to do with the way you have your legs. If you received the sticks with your legs crossed, and you pass then on with you legs crossed, then you're supposed to say, "I received these sticks crossed and I pass them on crossed." Once I found that out, I felt pretty stupid! :)

Stefon, Andre & Taylor thinking hard about the "Stick Crossing Game".
Phoebe (me), Abby, Isaac & Joel amused that they can't figure out the rules.

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