Sunday, September 6, 2009

A visit ~

Thursday afternoon, some of the Wahlquist family came to pick-up Caleb's riding lawn mower to fix it. Mrs., Elizabeth (20), Nathaniel (18), Benjamin (15), Andrew (13), and Micah (11), all came. Of course, we visited while there were here. Jaden had a blast playing with Micah. Ben is the normally quiet one, but Caleb surprised me by saying that Ben had read the whole “ The School Room Responsibility act of 2009”, to the other boys! I had been expecting Caleb to say, “Yeah, Ben was quiet the whole time...” Yes, Caleb did show the older boys the fake bill he made for a Blessed is the Man school project. Abby, Phoebe and I really enjoyed visiting with Beth. It's always fun when they come over! :-) Mom and Mrs. Wahlquist talked the whole time, while the older boys were outside (most of the time). Later (a few hours after the Wahlquists had left) , all of we Kautt kids and one of our neighbors' grandsons (Syler, age nine), played “baseball”. We weren't using a bat or real base balls, instead we were using a tennis rackets and tennis balls, and hitting the balls like you would in real baseball. Part of the game, we played in the RAIN! :-) Boy, did that feel nice! Some of us got soaked, too. But, it was really fun!!! Here are some photos:

Phoebe, Abby and Elizabeth, having a discussion.

Talking about our 2004 Colorado trip.

The Moms, talking.

Beth and Abby. Phoebe was also in the room, but was too far to the right to be in the photo.


The boys, enjoying the visit

I thought I'd post this photo, because Jaden and Andrew are standing almost the same exact way, and their hats are very similar, and NO this was not posed! :-)

Jaden plays legos with Micah

Brothers: Ben and Nathaniel

And the pitch.....

And that ones a pop-fly...... ;-)


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