Monday, November 15, 2010

A Sewing Project

Mom and I used this pattern for the sewing project that we were making. We actually used the jumper's skirt and then the white jacket for the bodice of the dress. We made the dress for a costume party some friends had invited us to. Thanks Mom, for helping me with my costume -- you did a EXCELLENT job! :)

The bodice after we cut it out

Mom here is cutting out one side of the skirt (I cut out the other side)

I think Mom is sewing the bodice in this photo

Can't you tell I just SO excited about this project? Really, I was!! :) The costume turned out well!

Yes, I did help with the ironing and other parts of the sewing, although it almost appears that Mom did all the work. She did do all of the harder work, except for most of the hem. I'm so grateful for a Mom who is willing to help me learn how to sew!!!!!!!!!!!

The finished product (editor's note: the skirt would be a little more full once an actual *human* puts it on).

An up close of the fabric we used

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