Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pictures from 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Guest sign-in and money tree

The money tree

The cake (made & decorated by Aunt Catherine) was so beautiful & yummy!

The snack table with tons of delicious food!

A guest at the cake table

Poppy addressing the "crowd".

The attentive "crowd"

The Jay Russell Family (L to R): Uncle Jay, Nick, Baylee, Trevor, Lacey, Aunt Mary, Janice & Josh.

(L to R): Aunt Jill, Andre, Reece, Stefon & Taylor

The Jurden Family: Uncle Charles, Aunt Jennifer, Lexi & baby :)


(L to R): Josh, Nick & Trevor

(Clockwise around the table): Taylor, Reece, Jaden & Ayden

Viewing pictures on the slideshow

Visiting with friends & family

(L to R): Stefon, Aunt Charlotte, Grams, Reece & Taylor

Grams making a tent for the two boys: Ayden & Jaden

Abby with litte Nate (Ayden's younger brother)


More visiting

And more visiting!

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