Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Hello one and all!

Goodness! September flew by so quickly I can hardly believe that its over! What a lovely month it was. The weather cooled down, and it has not been above 95 in about a month. The past few nights, we've seen temperatures dip near 60 degrees in the evenings, which makes for some cool weather in the mornings! Glorious for walking...

Sorry for the lack of personal posts the last couple of weeks. The way everything is going over here in America is crazy!

Some of the exciting happenings recently:
  • We have been doing a topical study (for school) on weather. It is very amazing how God created the wind, cold, heat & wetness of this planet. We have been learning some staggering facts about the weather and how powerful it can be.
  • The continued excitement surrounding the opening of our church's Apologetics Library shows that there is such a desire to know the Truth. We have big plans, and are praying God's will on all that we do and want to do. More to come I'm sure... ;)
  • The last couple of Sunday's several of us have gotten together with friends at a local park to enjoy fellowship and fun! We've played 2 rousing games of softball in beautiful weather. This last Sunday afternoon found 16 of us playing in the bright sunlight. I got a slight sunburn on my face. We have invited several more friends to join us for some hoped for fun this coming Sunday. I personally can't wait!
  • Fall cleaning is in full swing, actually I have just been doing some deep cleaning alongside my usual weekly cleaning. Last week the house looked marvelous (at least parts of it did). I keep asking myself, "why can't it just stay this way all of the time?" But alas, it seems that the 2nd law of Thermodynamics is still in place (everything goes from order to disorder). I am happy to report that we are keeping the place in much better shape due to a joint effort! Thanks guys!
  • It is time for the yearly migration of the Monarch butterfly and we have been seeing literally dozens of them glide delicately by on their glossy wings. They are some of my favorite butterflies and it has been a spectacular show.
  • Our garden continues to produce veggies & fruit. We have several tomatoes, and also peppers, watermelon, and hopefully pumpkins. We observe their steady growth daily.

I could write lots more, and I hope to soon. Unfortunately, our camera's charging cord is broken, so for now you will have to be satisfied with text.

Blessings on your week!

~Abby for the Kautt Krew

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." - Philippians 1:21

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