Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Comparing the candidates - And the difference is?

With less than 1 month until November 4Th, it is important to make you aware of the differences and similarities of the two "anointed" candidates.

First off with an important quote:
"What is important to note is that Republican John McCain had Zbigniew Brzezinski as his foreign policy advisor for his 1999-2000 Presidential campaign. Now Barack Obama has Brezezinski as one of his principle advisers." - NY attorney Patrick Krey points out the lack of difference between these supposed adversaries who look for advice to the same outspoken champion of globalism and interventionism. Brzezinski, a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, was Jimmy Carter's security adviser.

With that in mind, here is a very helpful article that every American should read before heading to the ballot box.

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34

May we always look to our Lord for strength, to stand for Righteousness and Biblical morals in an ever darkening world.


Anonymous said...

So Ron Paul is not running for president anymore?? You don't have him on your survey at least.
-Beka =)

The Kautts said...

Hey Beka,

Thanks for commenting on our blog! :)

Technically, He is not running anymore. He was the last one (besides McCain) to drop out of the race. I believe he droped out back in June. I don't know if he'll be on the ballot or not, I'm guessing he won't be, but again I'm not sure.

We didn't put him on our survey because of those reasons. As you probably noticed, though, there is a Constitutional Party candidate (Chuck Baldwin).

We are definitely still for him, if he were to come back into the race, which I doubt he will. But, he does have a different campaign, called Campaign for Liberty. Go to CFL's website: www.campaignforliberty.com and you can find our more about CFL. We real supporters of CFL.

Have a great day!
- Phoebe