Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictorial remembrance ~

OK, so I never did post anything from our second Arkansas trip, and since it's been nearly 2 months, I won't bore you with lousy worded posts and no pictures. Instead... enjoy these various photos from our trip.

Saturday - We enjoyed a good southern meal at Weiner's Penny Place Cafe.

Saturday night we ate dinner with the Arkansas clan at Western Sizzlin. Afterward, we enjoyed some family time at Uncle Paul & Aunt Loretta's. A group photo with the McKnight-Kautt families.
Sunday - We attended church with all of the family. After the service we went over to Uncle Paul & Aunt Loretta's and enjoyed chatting with Grandma McKnight, Uncle Paul, Aunt Loretta & Grandma Kautt.

We also enjoyed watching the hummingbirds visiting Uncle Paul's feeder. A couple of times, there were at least 3 enjoying the sweet nectar.
Monday - Labor Day morning, we met Uncle Bobby Joe & Aunt Macine at IHOP. We enjoyed visiting with them and eating a delicious breakfast.

Monday - We counted over 70 vehicles from out of state just at our hotel! Most of the cars were from Louisiana due to hurricane Gustav.

Monday - Some of the beautiful rice fields near Grandma McKnight's house. The rice was nearing harvest season, so it was beginning to turn yellow.

Monday - After visiting with Grandma McKnight and viewing her grounds, plants and garden, we took a few parting photos of us with her.
Monday - In Texarkana, we stopped and ate an enjoyable Tex-Mex dinner at Chili's. Here we are at our booth (lighting was dim).

We had a wonderful time with our Arkansas family & with Grandma! The hospitality was first-rate, and we laughed our stomach's sore at Grandma McKnight's funny stores, anecdotes and jokes. We look forward to more memories and fun times with our family in the future.

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