Thursday, October 16, 2008

The 50 States of the USA

I just thought of something to do on our blog. Another guessing game, of sorts. I thought of this because we did this sort of thing in our "Geography" class yesterday. This may be so easy for everyone, but I'll do it anyway. it is:

Can you match the 50 States of the USA to their Capitals or the Capitals of the 50 States to the correct State? I'll start off with 5 mix match and do 5 more mix and match later on, etc. Here it goes:

1. Illinois, ______________
2. ___________, Annapolis
3. Nevada, _____________
4. North Carolina, __________
5. ___________, Salem

To guess, just click on comment at the end of this post, and leave your guess(es)

- Phoebe


Camille Rose Wolaver said...

Illinois, Chicago
Annapolis, Maryland (but I had to look it up :D)
Nevada, Los Vegas?
North Carolina, Raleigh
Massachusetts, Salem

This is definitely not my subject!

Anonymous said...

Well, I won't really answer all of the questions, because I don't want to spoil the fun... but I'll at least say that the capitol of Ill. is not Chicago, but Springfield.


The Kautts said...

I will wait to give the correct answers (Abby already gave one of them), but I will say that three of them were incorrect:

Illinois, Chicago
Nevada, Las Vegas
Massachusetts, Salem

I will wait and see if anyone else has the correct answer.

- Phoebe

The Kautts said...

The correct answers are:

Illinois, Springfield
Maryland, Annapolis
Nevada, Salt Lake City
North Carolina, Raleigh
Massachusetts, Boston

Good guesses everyone!

- Phoebe