Friday, May 30, 2008

The Un-Boxing

Today Mom's Mother's Day present arrived! Hip, hip hooray!

One of our favorite blogs is written by the Marcus Serven family. They are a multi-talented family, and one of their talents is music! They have produced a total of 5 compact discs.

Today, Dad surprised me by leaving a box on the office desk as I typed away at one of my tasks. It was the box! I refrained from opening it until the job at hand was completed. As I opened it up, I expected to find the c.d. I'd ordered, and an invoice... nothing else! Surprise! Thank you Serven clan for your immense thoughtfulness!

We have listened to both of the c.d.'s and are tremendously pleased with the quality of voices and the lovely, God-honoring Psalms and hymns!

Favorites thus far:

  • All Glory Laud and Honor

  • Ah, Holy Jesus

  • The Lord's my Shepherd

Mom was simply delighted with her gift! She "oohed", and "aah ed" over the c.d.'s. Rebecca, she hated to tear your handwriting! It was so pretty. :)

We forgot to take a picture of Mom with her c.d., but maybe we can do that later on.


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