Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Summer is just around the corner! This year 4 of our "clan" got Crocs to wear, mostly for gardening purposes, but also just because they are"cool" and comfy.

I thought it would be a really neat idea to take a picture of those 4, Croc owners, and post it up here. Then here comes the fun part: you, our readers guess who's Crocs are who's. I will be giving you some clues:

Have fun!


Okay. It's pretty obvious if you know what we like.

Clue 1: She likes natural colors.

Clue 2: She is a *girly* girl. :)

Clue 3: We sometimes call her "Phil", "Oh, hoist your skirts."

Clue 4: S-h-o-r-t and cute, his favorite color is... ORANGE!
If you think you know even 1 of the answers, please leave your guess(s) on our comments page. Just click on the "comments" link, underneath this post. Anonymous comments are welcome, for all those none google-blogger users.


Camille said...

This is fun! My guess is: Abby on the left; Johanna on the right; Jaden on the top; Phoebe on the bottom. Am I right?

The Kautts said...


Thanks for your guesses! You guessed correctly on two of them. Jaden is on the top, and Jo is on the R.

Can you guess who are wearing the black & brown crocs?

Camille said...

Then it would have to be Abby in the blue skirt and Phoebe in the green skirt. I should have guessed it, as I've seen Phoebe in that skirt before! Ach! Nice quiz anyhow!

The Kautts said...


Here are the answers:

Phoebe is on the left wearing the black pair, Jaden is at the top wearing the navy pair, Jo is on the right wearing the pink/red pair, and your's truly is at the bottom wearing the brown pair. Yes, Phoebe is wearing the skirt. I am actually wearing a jumper made out of overalls!

I'll have to do this again sometime. Don't you think? ;)

When did you join Blogger?

Great to hear from you as always!


Lily and Daisy said...

This is fun! That is a cool idea, to make a skirt out of overalls!

The Kautts said...

Hey Lily & Daisy, thanks for leaving your thoughts on our blog!

Welcome to the blogosphere! Great to have you "with us."

My overall jumper is quite fun to wear, and its also really cute. :)

See ya soon,