Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John MacArthur on Creation & Evolution

I just found a number of posts by John MacArthur discussing the Creation / Evolution debate. This goes in order from oldest post to newest. If I see anymore of his on this topic, I'll be sure and post them up on the blog.

Evolution: Science or Faith?
Naturalism's Missionary Zeal
Evolution and Ethics
Monkeying with the Meaning
Is Evolution Compatible with Christianity?
Genesis 1 and Biblical Authority
Taking Genesis at Face Value
Genesis 1: Fact or Framework?
One Last Post on Genesis

I hope that you will take the time to read each of them and their meaty content.

The last two posts in his series on Genesis were up on SFPulpit's site, so I have posted direct links here.



Anonymous said...

Dear Abby and others,

Thanks so much for your great blog and for your lovely Mother`s Day tribute to your mom. Aunt Naomi and I appreciated it. Give your mom our love and regards! Thanks for the interesting quiz on the above post. Sorry we were a bit slow in seeing it and responding. Camille made some good guesses! Thanks also for the websites related to evolution. They are helpful!

Love, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Naomi

The Kautts said...

Dear Uncle Jim & Aunt Naomi,

First off, Mom says "thank you".

I should have done the quiz a little bit differently, but maybe there will be another time, where I've thought it all out. :)

The posts by Dr. MacArthur were very helpful, as is the site SF Pulpit.

Love to you both,
Abby for the rest