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~ Mother's Poem: Thank You, LORD... ~

A note from Julia: 4-21-08

The past year has brought nightmarish difficulties to our household. The LORD has sustained and encouraged us through it all - by His Word, His Spirit, His people, His material provision.

In this poem - which I compiled over the months - I focus on some of the blessings He has provided. These are all things that have touched my life. Yes, even the bat, which I saw during the day on one of my walks, clinging upside down on a neighbor's tree trunk with tiny brown babies tucked under her wings.
Long this may be, but there was much more I could write. (Like about how Gammy stayed with me while the family went to Jennifer's wedding. Then a few days later brought elderberry extract to our sick family.)

Please forgive the creative grammar. Sometimes the cryptic language is meant to have double meaning or to protect someone's identity. Other times it was used because it better suited the rhyme & meter.

~ Thank You, LORD... ~
~ By Julia Kautt, April 2008 ~

...For Butterflies & bats, dragon flies & bees
...For bright red geraniums,

English ivy on trees,

...For cardinals, chickadees, gray mourning doves
...For dear, helpful children,
a husbandwho loves.
...For sunshine & rainstorms, & even mosquitoes
...For relatives & friends, we have multitudes of those

Who express loving care in myriads of ways,
...For understanding looks, Janette Oke's books*
and for laughter on "bad hair days."

...For produce baskets, a car,

anonymous envelopes

...For the Word of God daily which brings us such hope
...For pencils & paper, a commission to write
...For pillows & fans, air conditioning at night,
(Also during the day!)

...For teacups & quilts & funny greeting cards

...For wild brown bunnies in neighborhood yards
...For astonishing drawings, from big hands & small
...For bright family portraits hung on my wall.
...For dishes & voice in three-part harmony
...For Mozart, Bach, Handel & Canon in D
...For piano, violin, mandolin, guitar

...For my children's making lovely music from afar.

...For tree frogs,

swamp candles, petunias & whales
...For horse, "Thomas Jefferson", piranhas, wagon "sails"
...For daily walks, funny Jaden talk and longhorn calves
...For Castleberry* books, goofy looks; "Hey, we made Mom laugh."
...For squares in a garden,

a leisurely chair.
...For bright blue skies, purple iris, fresh air.
...For triple teas, herbal drops, hymnal swings, & jumps
...For cheerful, sweet smiles to help Mama over the hump.
...For computer logs, habanero oil, long hours in the kitchen.
...For mid-night calls & late night drives,
...For godly people on a mission.
...For an attentive former neighbor. There's nary a doubt:

Mr. Amos is famous for helping us out.

...For his games to pass time, like blind-fold bucket races,
which put lots of grins on Kautt cousins' faces.
To the Kautts he's like family.
(Oh no. Is that Mr. Amos up a tree?)
He has a heart big as Texas
We're grateful for his largess & liberality
...For Jill, gone the extra mile, with a selfless smile.
...For oil rubs & patiently sitting - working on here knitting.
...For cotton gowns, PJ's, washcloths & phone cords.
...For phone calls to check & for uplifting words.
...For grandparents' concern. It's well understood.
(Thanks for you patience. This program's doing me good.)
...For their prayers, gifts, cards & phone calls.
...For advice & visits; we are thankful for all.
We'll sit down - someday - and have a long talk.
Grams, I hope to say, "How about a brisk walk?"
...For purple birthday curly Q's, a chain pull made of ribbon.
...For a journal, a tiny bear, a quarter & two tens.
...For a lovely rosebud pen holder, a fine horse sketch, affection.
What is that delicious smell emanating from the kitchen?
...For delicious meals, Abby, oil & wheels.
...For dusting, vacuuming & cleaning.
...For a brick patio guard, a pleasant, landscaped yard.
...For Joel's groceries, for treadle machine scheming.

...For needle & thread, a rag doll & unique doll dresses.
...For sisters who help fine new ways to style tresses.
...For muffled doorways, small round white noises.
...For walks to the park, and an energetic boy.
...For a somber boy, who brings tears of joy,
who speaks of baptism of another kind
...For years of scripture taught,
& Christ's blood which brought
the changing of a young heart and mind.
...For Phoebe's quiet strength,
...For David - who goes to great lengths,
then snores upon his bed.
...For Joel's wordless, loving deeds,
Abby's kind voice that leads,
...For Johanna & clean sheet on my bed.
..For Caleb's Scripture lifts, for Jaden's floral gifts
I'm blessed beyond measure,
For, in the whole wide world
who could buy
all this priceless treasure?

Thank You, LORD Jesus Christ, for all
these good gifts.
Julia, April 2008

*Author's Note: Her (Janette Oke) early ones. I don't care for the ones written after about 1996.

*Note: Go to this website to find out more about the Castleberry Family & book.

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