Monday, May 26, 2008

Guessing Game!

Here is another guessing game we decided to do related to our garden:


Q #1: Guess how many green beans we have harvested (picked) so far.
Q #2: Guess how long the biggest green bean was.
Q #3: Guess who picked the biggest green bean.


Clue #1: The number of green beans is between 1 and 50.
Clue #2: The harvesters were: Phoebe, Johanna & Jaden.

R #1: No limits on the amount of guesses
R #2: Game ends on the 26th of June, or when someone guesses the correct answer. If no one has guessed the correct answer by June 26th, whoever has the closest guess wins.

Hope you have a fun time guessing away!


(To guess, please leave a comment)


Lily and Daisy said...

Here's Camille's answer :)

I guess there were about 45 green beans picked––15 for each person.

I guess they were all about three inches long.

And Jaden picked the biggest green bean because the girls were being nice :)

The Kautts said...

You are getting close on the amount of beans picked.

Can you guess how long the longest one was?

And...I'd better not give away the answer...yet, anyway.

Thanks for posting a comment!


Lily and Daisy said...

Let me guess––50 green beans picked, the longest being 4 inches?


The Kautts said...

You are wrong on all three of the guesses. (You are getting close, though.)

You are a bit too high on the amount of green beans picked. The amount is less than the amount of years my Mom has lived, but higher than the amount of years I have lived! (Hope you understand what I'm saying!)

1 more clue:
The length of the longest one was in between 1" and 8".

I'd better not say anymore!

- Phoebe

Camille said...

This is difficult!

I guess 40 green beans picked, and the longest one being 7 inches? There's too many choices!

Anyway, I'm dying to know the answers!

The Kautts said... it goes.

...You are getting very close on both guesses.

And...I'll narrow it down a bit...the length of the longest was in between 1" & 7". :)

You haven't guessed the correctly on who picked the longest.

Keep up the great guesses!

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