Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Festivities ~ Part 3: Christmas Day with Family

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Christmas Day we got to spend with several of our family members, including all of our immediate family members (i.e., everyone in the David Kautt family).  Firstly, we spent the early part of the afternoon at Joel's house in Farmer's Branch, with our family, and some friends.  Hung out, ate delicious food, played games, talked.  Relaxed.  :)  Then, later in the evening, we drove over to Grandma's home just a few minutes away, and sang carols (acapella, yes!), opened Christmas gifts and visited late into the night.

I'm so glad we got to spend Christmas with our two brothers, who now are over an hour away, and we don't see much.  Plus, we got to see a couple of our cousins, our Grandma, and several dear friends.  Christmas was a delightful day!

The cloud cover on the way down to Dallas was breath-taking.

The crowd.

Isaac tries his hand at pool.

Abby must have been making an important point.

Jaden concentrates on his shot.



Some of Joel's wine bottle handiwork. 

Jaden starts off the gift opening.

Looking suspicious there, Joel!

Mom's hand-painted gift for Joel: the Kautt family crest. 

My gift to Caleb and Claudia.  :)

Caleb and Claudia with their Kautt family crest.  :)

I pray your Christmas was blessed, as ours was! 


Valerie B said...

Is your brother married?

The Kautts said...


No, he's not married yet. They're getting married here in about two weeks! :)