Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Festivities ~ Part 1: Pine Cove

Well, sorry folks if you've missed our posts on here.  Life's been super busy lately with the holidays, and such, but I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures up here of what's been happening lately in our lives.

The weekend before Christmas we had our bi-yearly Russell family Christmas gathering, at Pine Cove Christian camp (in E. Texas).  This time we were only able to stay one night there, so it was a lot more rushed, but still lots of fun nonetheless.  Also, as the main coordinator of the event (from the beginning stages, to the actual days of the get together), I (Phoebe) stayed quite busy while we were there, so it wasn't as relaxing and fun as years past.  It's good for me, though, to see what really goes into an event like that and be able to appreciate it more.  At any rate, I hope everyone who came had a good time, and enjoyed seeing all the family!

Playing with dominoes Friday night.

Grams and Abby talk, while E.G. plays with the dominoes.

Chatting around Friday's supper.


Light bulb!

This photo captures E.G.'s childish enthusiasm very well, I think.  

I had a lot of fun playing the ABCs song with her, over and over and over again.  :)

Jo and Jaden joined in on the action, along with Zak.

Aunt Peggy is the one who normally makes our Christmas gathering happen, but this year it was her turn to just sit back and relax! 

Jaden and Uncle Abe have a lively discussion, I'm sure.

Poppy kept the fire going all evening long.

More art.

This is such a precious photo - Poppy with two of his three youngest grandchildren. 

Jo plays the xylophone by herself.  :)

Grams with her newest great-grandchild: Travis. 

Poppy, the handsome mountain man!

Aunt Jill with her first grandchild, Travis. 

It was so cute: E.G. went over to where Dad was studying, and started eating some of his orange.  He graciously helped her to it.  :)

Pushin' Mr. Travis around. 

Something was quite hilarious.

I was helping E.G. with Uno, and then she beat us.  I think I helped her a bit too much...  ;)

The long-lost bro-cousins: Reece and Joel. 

These two play together so well!

Sisters: Mom and Aunt Jill. 

Lexi cooks up her winning dessert recipe.

Poor Kristina was fighting a losing battle doing those dishes.  But it was much appreciated!

Aunt Catherine's famous homemade noodles, which she later used in her famous chicken and noodle soup.  Delish!

And... Here they are, Lexi's award winning cake batter truffles.  They were good!

Joel readies his dessert for the dessert competition.

The food line - the most important place.  :)

The White bros (our cousins).  

Love birds: C+C.  :)

Visiting over our Saturday lunch.

Caleb & Claudia's adorable Minion cupcakes.  (Sorry, they weren't award winning, though... ;P)

Aunt Jill's pumpkin truffles were amazing!

Uncle Taylor with Travis. 

Me thinks he likes them fingers.  ;)

We were waiting for a proposal to take place.  It didn't happen while we were there.  I think it took place right after we left.  Oh well....  

Just chillin'.
We had a wonderful time there, though way too short!  More photos to come from the rest of our Christmas festivities.  


Allison said...

So ... who was going to propose? And to whom?! You left us in suspense there! :)

The Kautts said...


The guy was a worker at Pine Cove. :) I don't know his name, and I have no idea who his girlfriend was.