Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Christmas Festivities ~ Part 2: The Christmas Plays

Part 1

Sunday, after coming home late Saturday night from East Texas, we had to get up, as usual, and get on over to the church building.  Abby and I (Phoebe) are in the worship band, so every Sunday morning we have to be over to the church building a little earlier to have our practice time.  Sunday (22nd), we had church as usual, then, directly after church there was practice for the Christmas plays, setup for the Christmas plays, and then the actual Christmas plays.  :)

I wasn't in either of them, but Johanna was one of the main characters in the first one, and we all helped out in both of them.  It was a busy day, but in the end, the plays went very well!  Praise God!

Sadly, not many photos were taken (I was busy, so was Johanna).  Joel was our photographer, but he was also videoing both plays, so he was busy.  :)

We had quite a good crowd - more than one hundred.

Dad welcomes everyone, and reads a Scripture passage.

The younger kids did such a good job singing their Christmas carols!  I played the piano for them. :)

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