Friday, June 24, 2011

Of Kittens, Flowers and Friends

On Wednesday, Caleb, Jaden and I went to our friends the W.'s. We hadn't seen most of them since March and last November, so, it was nice to visit with them again. :)

Elisha, Deborah, Jaden and I played a game called "Blokus" which is similar to "Chinese Checkers".-- Sort of. Kind of.

One of the three kittens the W.'s have. Is is not adorable? I'm afraid that I didn't take photos of the other kittens, but I took this one because this kitten reminded me of  Carson (our long-lost kitty). These kittens are about 7-weeks-old.



Greenfinch and Wendy

Stephen :)

My lil' bud

Deborah, wearing the headband I made for her

Bein' silly
Up close of the headband I made for Debs

Group portrait -- sorry this photo is a bit blurry; those kids have boundless energy! <3


Anonymous said...


It looks like ya'll had a good time visiting with friends! The kitten is so cute:) Hope you and your family had a great weekend!

Love, Bekah

The Kautts said...

Dear Bekah,

Yes, we really had a good time with our friends. I just LOVED the kittens!! But then, it remind me (sadly) of the kitten that ran away from us. :(

We have had a great weekend. Vacation Bible School started tonight (at our church). We have a small church, but 19 children came. I'll have to tell you more in an email-- after you email me. :)

~Jo <3

Johanna said...

You guessed it Johanna!!!! Bangs! The first I've had for 6 years!

Thank you!!!!

In Him,