Monday, June 27, 2011

Every Day Things - My Truck

The mundane things of life sometimes become the most interesting.

Something we often take for granted in our modern world is reliable transportation. Back in May, the Lord blessed me with just that! A 1987 Ford F-350. I'll post some pictures below.

Old Red

1987 Ford F-350, 6.9 litre International IDI Diesel, short bed, short cab, with a 4 / 60 A/C! (four windows at 60 mph!)

 Old style 4-speed Manual

One of the first "real" loads it has hauled, about 2,500 lbs of wood ...

 ...But this thing's suspension is made to haul!

It did put quite a strain on it, though! (Note the white tool box that one of my neighbors gave me).

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