Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dad's 50th Birthday!

Our dear Dad's birthday was just a couple of days ago, and it was his Golden Birthday: 50 years old!  He requested hamburgers for his birthday meal, which we had on Saturday for supper.  By the way, we got our hamburger patties from The Local Yocal, a store in Downtown McKinney, which you should go to if you live in the area.  They sell awesome tasting and good for you meat (beef, chicken, pork & lamb), and it's all local!  Check them out on Facebook also.  Anyway, we had delicious hamburgers for Saturday's supper.  I think I can say with confidence that they were THE BEST hamburgers I've ever had.   Maybe I'm biased.  =) 

Here it is: THE BEST HAMBURGER IN THE WORLD!!!  We used 7-grain sprouted English muffins 'buns'.  They worked great!
The table before everyone got a burger on their plate.
On Sunday (Father's Day), we had our Grandma and Great-Grandma (Dad's Mom & Grandma), and our Aunt & Uncle and cousins over for lunch.  Dad knew they were coming, but he didn't know what was happening later on that afternoon.  Around 3:30 some of the folks from our church started arriving, and he eventually found out that they came as a surprise for his birthday.  We served cake and ice cream, and had fun visiting with folks from church, as well as other friends and our family.  Good times don't last long enough, though, as everyone was gone by 8pm (yes, we would have loved to have them here till 10pm, at least!). =)  Dad seemed to enjoy the day, and we hope he was blessed and encouraged by his surprise 'party'.  We love you, Dad!!

ALDEN'S ICE CREAM!!!!  Yep, the best ice cream in the world!!  Try it out, you may wish you had... =)
Playing Apples-to-Apples.  Fun, fun, fun. 
Dad greets our friends, the P. family.

Dad saying goodbye to some church folks who came by for the party. 

The guys had some good conversation...
And here we see 4 smiling young ladies.  "Why are they smiling?'', you ask.  I answer,  "because they just had Alden's ice cream, of course!'' =)

Little Jordan enjoying his ice cream.  He smiled nicely for me while I took his picture.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day!  We did, that's for sure! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like your Dad had a great birthday! The food looked really good too!

Blessings, Bekah

Esther G. Hale said...

Haha, ok more 'small' world moments, here! We know the Pennington's as well, and Local Yokal sells our chicken!!! :)

The Kautts said...


Yes, he had a great birthday, and the food was delicious! =)


That's funny! I think I knew that you all knew the Pennington's, but I didn't know that the Local Yocal sold your chickens. :) I work for the Local Yocal one day a week (not at the store, though), and I love it! We also love their sodas. ;)

What's the name that goes on your chicken you sell there? We bought some chicken from them recently, so it may have been some of yours!

Got to go,

Esther G. Hale said...

Our farm name is Windy Meadows Family Farm.
I haven't ever been to their shop, Daddy makes the deliveries. :)

The Kautts said...

Okay. I don't remember the name that was on the chicken we bought, so I don't even know why I asked you! [sheepish grin] Next time I'm in there I'll have to look for chicken from Windy Meadows Family Farm. =)