Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Photos

WOW! Jaden sure looks a lot different. :)

A beautiful butterfly, embroidered onto one of Mom's blankets.


Dad prepares to baptize one of our dear friends, Ileana G.

Carson, before he left for a VERY long Thanksgiving vacation. We miss him. *sniff*

Building a storage shed with cousin Jason

Blessing Count Sunday at our church - the meal

Above is a photo of the 'blue moon' we had on the 21st of last month.


The von Trapp siblings, drawn by yours-truly (Johanna).

Friends: Hannah H. and Abby

Recently, we "babysat" a little girl named Abby (or 'little Abby'). Her Mom went to see little Abby's grandma, who is a member of our church and is currently in the hospital. Abby is a sweet 3-year-old girl, and we had a lot of fun with her! :)

Here are the two Abbys, coloring.

Little Abby and Jaden drawing

Here I am with little Abby

Little Abby 'played' Caleb's trombone....

....and the piano :)

Caleb doing some work on a sole of a boot


Miss Linda said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Jaden had exchanged his head for a football! While the football certainly looks quite dapper with his cap and glasses, I think I like Jaden's regular head better! :)

Johanna, you are a gifted artist!! The illustration of the von Trapp siblings is really very good!

I loved seeing the pictures of sweet little Abby. The trombone she was playing looks twice as big as she is!!

I am so very sorry to hear that Carson has not yet returned from his vacation. I do hope he will come back very soon.

I truly enjoyed seeing all the pictures of friends and family. I didn't know okra bloomed! That just shows you how much I know about okra. :)

You have the most amazing family! You do your own cobbling? I am very impressed!!

The Kautts said...

Dear Miss Linda,

How pleasant to get another comment from you! :)

Yes, I think Jaden's real head is much better than the football!

Oh, thank you for the comment regarding my drawing. If you'd like, when you come over (on the 12th) I could show you some of my better drawings. Recently, me and one of my cousins made a coloring book for Jaden-- actually we drew the pictures for him to color in. :) Well, you should compare my drawing of the von Trapps to a photo of them. :) I made them a little too short. :(

Oh, little Abby is SUCH a sweetie. :) But she certainly kept us on our toes, because she is FULL of life!

Sniff... I know, we SO miss Carson! :( You see, really he was our first 'real' pet. I mean, we've had pet gold fish that all died (but you can't hold a fish or pet them ;P). I too hope he comes back.. if not him, but another kitty. :) It is funny, I used to like dogs better than cats, but now I almost like ats better than dogs-- because of Carson!

Yes, okra blooms. I didn't know that till about 6 months ago.

Caleb was just fixing Mom's boot's sole. Other than that, we are not "cobblers". We'd like to be able to make our own shoes, but we haven't had the time to learn that skill.

Have a blessed weekend,