Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree - the Decorations

After we got our tree off the curb, some of our dear friends (*wink, wink*) graciously provided beautiful decorations for our curb-picked tree.  After all of the bows, lights and ornaments were on, Dad looked at the tree and said, "We have the most beautiful tree in town!"  Thank you C. & B. for all of the decorations!! 

Abs helps with the beautiful decorations.
Jaden puts on one of the many ornaments.
Jaden, Jo and Abby beautifying the tree.
The bulb ornaments are so beautiful!
Yes, I helped with the decorations, as well.  Just for most of the photos I was behind the camera. =)
"The most beautiful Christmas tree in town!!"
Thanks to Mrs. S. for making all of the elegant bows!
We usually have a star on top, but this year we have an angel in a big, white bow.
The tree skirt came from one of our neighbors who happened to be giving it away, and saw that it perfectly matched our decorations!

Johanna made this clever decoration for our front door.
This weird guy came by and wanted us to take photos of him in four different outfits! 
Well, in reality, it turned out to be our brother being goofy...

Joel - a man of many hats and costumes. =)
Okay... that's much better.


Miss Linda said...

Hello, Miss Phoebe! Somehow I missed this post earlier. How absolutely wonderful that you were given many special and beautiful decorations to adorn your tree!! I particularly love the bows and that beautiful tree skirt.

When I first read that a "weird man came by to be photographed" I thought "oh no, they let a stranger into their house to be photographed by their tree?!" Then I realized that was your brother and I laughed. He really is quite a chameleon isn't he? Those pictures are so funny!

I truly enjoyed reading about, and seeing pictures of, your lovely tree and decorations. This post really made my day!

Your beautiful tree has really inspired me. Perhaps next year I will actually get one of those little 2-foot "trees" grown from rosemary and decorate it. I'll have to put it in a stout cage to keep Emilia, Mistress of Destruction away from it, though! :)

The Kautts said...

Miss Linda,

You probably missed it at first because I posted two posts at the same time.

Yes, it has indeed been a big blessing to have all of the beautiful decorations from our dear friends. I still haven’t seen a tree quite as pretty as ours (am I biased?!).

That’s funny! Yes, Joel can really be a comedian at times.

Yes, get a tree, and make sure your little rascals can’t get a hold of it!! =)

Merry Christmas!
~ Phoebe