Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jaden!!!

Jaden with his birthday cake.
Today, at 8:37p.m., Jaden Jacob turned 8 years old.  My, oh my, how fast time flies.  I remember when he was born and how excited we were to have another little brother.  I also remember how adorable and utterly CUTE he was.  =) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JADEN!!  We hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!

Jaden's been learning about knights and castles lately, so he decided to dress up as one the other day.  =)
More photos and details about his special day coming soon (hopefully). 


Miss Linda said...

Good morning, Miss Phoebe. This was such a sweet post. Little Jaden still looks pretty cute, I think! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating his special day and that you are having a wonderful Christmas week!

The Kautts said...

Thank you. Yes, he is still cute. I won't be able to say that long. Soon it will be 'handsome'. =)

We are having a good Christmas week so far. Hope you are to!!

~ Phoebe

Miss Linda said...

Oh yes, that's right--handsome. No one wielding such a menacing look, a sword and a shield should be called "cute". At least not in his hearing! ;-)