Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reece and Lauren's Wedding Photos

Our cousin Reece, got married on Saturday (Dec. 18), and we were able to attend it.  It was a delight to see these two godly young people, Reece & Lauren, come together in marriage.  But, some people didn't get to attend, and they want to see photos!  =)  So, here they are...

Here comes the bride!!

Not so good a picture, but look at the HUGE smile on Reece's face. =)

Walking up onto the stage.

The entire wedding party on the stage.

Reece's vows.

Lauren's vows.

The rings.


The new Mr. & Mrs. Reece White

The flower girl and ring-bearer were so cute. =)

Stefon and Taylor escort Aunt Jill out.

Reece with Lauren and her two sisters, Callie and Megan.

Lauren, with Reece, his dad and 3 of his 4 brothers, Stefon, Dustin and Taylor.

Adrian, Reece & Lauren.

Reece and Lauren, with Lauren's parents, Nell and Mark.

The entire wedding party after the ceremony.

I have to add this one.  This adorable little girl is our cousin, Emma-Grace. =)


Miss Linda said...

What a lovely, lovely bridal party and beautiful wedding! Thank you for sharing it!

Allison said...

Oh, how cool! Thank you!

I had forgotten just how much Reece looks like Andre. So sad that he couldn't be there!

The Kautts said...

Miss Linda,

Yes, it was a very beautiful wedding... and very simple (I like that!).


Now that you say that, Reece does look a lot like Andre! Yes, we all missed Andre very much.

Merry Christmas!
~ Phoebe