Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Saturday evening Mom, Jaden, Johanna and I were traveling along on a road in our church's neighborhood.  We were on our way home from being out all afternoon, running errands & cleaning our church building. As we drove along, Johanna spotted a Christmas tree beside the road with a "FREE" label on it.  So, we turned around to go back to it.  It turned out to be a 7 foot tall tree, and it was definitely a job getting it into the small Buick we were driving.  After much cramming and shoving, and taking apart the tree, we finally got it into the car (in 3 pieces). 

We got it all set up last evening, including putting 5 strings of lights on it.  The neat thing about it, was that we not only got a free 7 foot tall Christmas tree, but there were 8 strands of white Christmas lights on it... and they all work!  How about that for a deal. =]

Our beautiful Christmas tree.
Last year we didn't have a tree, except for one made out of Christmas gifts.  Before we've had a small (3-4 ft.) tree.  As far as I can remember, we've never had a large tree like this.  It is so beautiful when it's all lit up and shining! 

Thank God for 'trash' piles along the road.  Sometimes you actually find something useful! 


Miss Linda said...

Hello, Miss Phoebe! What an exquisite tree and a truly wonderful story! I wish you had gotten pictures of "encouraging" a seven foot tree into your car. I laughed out loud when I tried to imagine you all getting that tree home!

That is such a sweet and wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. The tree is absolutely beautiful with the lights on it.

I don't usually put a tree up either. One year I put up a little rosemary "Christmas tree". Have you ever seen those? Sometimes nurseries or places like Lowe's and Home Depot will sell them. They are bushes grown from rosemary and shaped into one or two foot Christmas trees. They don't have the delightful pine smell, but they are pretty cute. You can use it as a Christmas tree and you can use it to season your Christmas dinner! How's that for double duty? It was very beautiful when I decorated it. I put it on top of a little table and went to bed for the night. I was awakened in the middle of the nght by Emilia, my little Mistress of Chaos, destroying it. *sigh* I should have known better. When I looked at the tree, I saw a beautiful little Christmas decoration. When Emilia looked at it, she saw an opportunity for mayhem.

Isn't it wonderful to find evidences of the mercy of God mercy and the kindness of our fellow man literally on the side of the road? :)

The Kautts said...

Hello Miss Linda,

If I would have had a camera with me, I probably would've taken pictures! (Wait, I would have been cramming the tree in the car the whole time, not taking pictures!)

Oh no. You're Christmas tree story sounds terrible. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted! Animals surely don't have our reasoning, do they?!

Yes, I'm encouraged about the state of man's heart when things such as this happen. There are kind people out there after all!

Thanks for the comment,

Miss Linda said...

Miss Phoebe, I came across this beautiful paper garland for a Christmas tree and it immediately made me think of your tree. I thought you might like to read it:

I hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely Christmas season!

The Kautts said...

Miss Linda,

Thanks for the link! Those are pretty paper garland cut-outs.

Have a blessed Christmas,