Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arkansas Trip Photos

We were just in Arkansas for the funeral and burial of our dear Grandpa Johny Kautt. A sister church kindly let us use one of their people movers, which was very nice! Below are some photos from the trip.
Cousin Rachel and Abby look at photos on their cameras :)

Flowers for the burial

Dear Grandma Kautt and her sister (our Great Aunt Cora Etta or lovingly called Aunt C)


Great Aunt Jeannie plays cousin Audrey Tyner's guitar-- practicing for the funeral service

Sweet cousin Madison Riggs (8) watches Great Aunt Jeannie

Uncle Jim and Aunt Naomi

Grandma Kautt is second from the left. She is pictured here with her high-school classmates. :)

Great-great Aunt Dorothy with our Great-grandma Una McKnight -- I love this photo! :)

L-R: Caleb, Abby,  cousin Katherine or "Kath" (almost 15), Joel, Phoebe, cousin Kelly, and cousin Rachel

L-R: Cousin Audrey, Great Aunt Cora Etta, Peyton Tyner, and his wife cousin Terri Lynn

Uncle Jim, Grandma Kautt, and Dad -- we love you three!!

Great Aunt C., Great-great Aunt Dorothy, Great-grandma McKnight, Grandma Kautt, and Great Uncle Paul McKnight

L-R: Dad, Mom, Uncle Jim, Aunt Naomi, and cousin Kelly (from Atlanta)

L-R: Cousin Audrey (17) and her sister Gracie (20) and cousin Rachel

Caleb, Audrey, Great Aunt Loretta, Great Uncle Paul, cousin Katherine, cousin Kelly, Great Aunt Jeannie, Mom, Abby, and cousin Gracie


"Gut pye, Audrey!" :) Miss ya' already!!

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