Monday, October 25, 2010

What have the Kautts been up to? part 1

Everything!  At least that's what it seems like.  We have been extremely busy the last few weeks, mostly occupied with helping our Grandma while our Grandpa was in ICU, and after he passed away.  So I will give you a somewhat detailed account of what has happened in our life the past 3 or 4 weeks.

I'm going to do this is several parts, so each one will be shorter, instead of having one long post.  As you will tell as you read, some days have more detail than others.  That's because all of the days were running together, and it was just hard to remember what happened on what days.

Taken from my journal:
Uncle Jim talks with Robin Smith
We kids with Uncle Jim about to enjoy Bubble Tea.
We kids chat with Uncle Jim at the hospital waiting room.
Some of our family outside the hospital.
  • Sunday, September 26: Our Grandma Kautt's 74th birthday.
  • Monday, September 27: Went down to Carrolton, took cake for Grandma's birthday and visited Grandpa at rehab.
  • Tuesday, September 28: Got a call that Grandpa was taken to the emergency room, and was admitted into ICU, because of multiple ailments.
  • Wednesday, September 29: We kids go down to Grandma's house to stay with her.  Abby & Phoebe down there until Friday, October 1.  
  • Friday, October 1: Abby & Phoebe come back to McKinney, Joel stays in Dallas at Grandma's.
  • Saturday, October 2: Joel picks up Uncle Jim (David's brother) from airport, after Jim is delayed overnight at JFK airport because of storms. 
  • Sunday, October 3: All the Kautts (except Joel) went to church, David preached.  After church we all went down to Carrollton, to the hospital to see Grandpa; his breathing wasn't doing so well.  Jim was there, the Knowles (David's sister's family) were there.  All of us kids stayed on Sunday night at Grandma's.
  • Monday, October 4: Grandpa had surgery on his stomach to see if there's infection.  No infection was the result from the surgery.  Otherwise, the surgery didn't help anything.  Monday evening we had Bubble (Boba) Tea with Uncle Jim at a Thai restaurant.  We kids spend the night again Monday night.
  • Tuesday, October 5: Went to hospital many times, answered the many phone calls of caring friends.  Grandpa gradually declining.
  • Wednesday, October 6:  Aunt Cora Etta flew in from Bryan, on her way to Arkansas.  Abby & Phoebe down at Grandma's (the others were at work or at home).  We helped Grandma with house cleaning, laundry, cooking, and those kinds of things, and of course visited Grandpa many times.  Grandpa not getting stronger.  He was slightly responsive; grabbed Phoebe's hand while Abby and Phoebe were singing.  We went to Sammoon with Grandma and Aunt C. Wednesday evening.  Abby & Phoebe spent Wednesday night with Grandma. 
  • Thursday, October 7: Caleb got his (paper) driver's license.  Thursday evening the Knowles came to hospital.  Rest of the (David) Kautt family came down.  Stayed after 10pm at the hospital.  Joel stayed at Grandma's, the rest of the family went home. 
  • Friday, October 8: We girls cleaned the church building. Friday evening some of us went down to Dallas.  Uncle Jim, Dad and Grandma went to the Dallas Christian College 60th anniversary homecoming dinner.  The rest of us went over to the hospital to see Grandpa.  All of us kids spent Friday night at Grandma's house.
  • Saturday, October 9: All of us kids were at Grandma's.  Joel went to work at Herbmart.  We kids and Grandma went to DCC's cookout and soccer game (got sunburned!).  Jason's 23rd birthday.  Aunt Becky, Rachel, Dennis Jr. and Rowena  came down with cake for Jason.  Caleb, Dad, Jaden, Joel and Phoebe left to go back to McKinney.  Abby & Johanna spent the night at Grandma's.
  • Sunday, October 10: Our house is busy with Sunday morning preparations.  We get a call from our very upset Grandma saying that Grandpa's blood pressure was dropping, and that we should get down there as soon as possible if we wanted to see him.  So, Mr. Smith stepped in and led Sunday morning church, while we quickly got ready and drove over to the hospital.  The Knowles got there about the same time.  We found out that Grandpa's kidneys had failed, his body was filling with fluid, and he was getting very swollen.  We had pizza for lunch at the hospital (graciously provided by Uncle Dennis), and we had supper provided by the Berriers, which we ate at the hospital.  We three girls and cousin Rachel spent Sunday night at Grandma's. 
  • Monday, October 11: Caleb went to his first day of work at Herbmart.  The rest of our family who went back to our house on Sunday night came down again to Grandma's house.  We fixed a veggie tray and bread items for supper to take to hospital.  Maribeth and Megan also brought food.  We went to the hospital and visited Grandpa.  Then Mom, we three girls, Rachel and Jaden went to Grandma's house to spent the night.  Joel and Caleb went home to spend the night.  Dad and Grandma spent the night at the hospital. 
  • Tuesday, October 12: Aunt C. came back from Arkansas.  We stayed at Grandma's most of the day. Then went to the hospital that evening.  After seeing Grandpa, we all went back to McKinney (except Dad).  Dad, Grandma, Aunt C. and Rachel all spent the night at the hospital.
  •  Wednesday, October 13 - All of us (except Dad) spent all day in McKinney.  Joel was at work.  We rested, cleaned the house, then went to Wednesday Night Bible Study.  Mr. Smith led the study that night.  Dad & Grandma again spent the night at the hospital.  Aunt C. had gone home to Bryan, and Rachel went back to her home in Denton.  

Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures.  By the way, thank you to all of you who have prayed for us during this difficult time, and for all of the calls and cards expressing your sympathy.

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