Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stucco -

On Saturday, we (Abby, Caleb, Phoebe, Jaden and I and two of our cousins) had the opportunity to help some of our dear friends stucco part of their "guest-house". We had so much fun! Below are some photos. Enjoy!

Some of the crew putting on the second coat. L-R: cousin Andre, Micah, Andrew or Nathaniel, Stefon and Beth
Beth puts on the second coat

The cutest little boys on earth: Stephen (4) and Jaden (7). They are playing with Play Mobile in this photo.
This is what the inside of the guest-house looks like now. We helped with the inside back in May. Here is another link to photos from May.
L-R: Abby, Elisha, Beth and Phoebe

Beth and I work on the second coat towards the end of the day 

Phoebe and Caleb-- don't ask me what they were doing-- I have no clue!
My very dear friend, Elisha
Most of the crew
Benjamin mixes yet ANOTHER batch of stucco-- I am telling you, we sure kept those boys on their feet!!
This is most everyone who worked
Stephen "plays" the harmonica for us. He's such a sweetie! :-)
Elisha, Johanna (me), Phoebe and Beth (I look really old, don't I?!) :)
L-R: Abby, Beth, Caleb and Benjamin. I took this photo from on top of a ladder! *sheepish grin* But "a photographer will do anything to get a good photo".
Here is another photo of the inside-- it looks nice, doesn't it?
L-R: Aunt Jill, Elisha and Abby after lunch 
Aunt Jill, Elisha, Abby and yours-truly (notice, we are all matching-- we did NOT plan that!)
Mrs. Wahlquist and Aunt Jill talking. Thank you both so much for making the delicious meals!
Here are most of the workers
Benjamin and Nathaniel take a water break 
Stephen and yours-truly. This photo was taken by Jaden. I LOVE Stephen!
Deborah (7) made this scrumptious dessert for dinner. It's main ingredients were peanut butter, chocolate and honey. (Rather fattening.)
The almost finished product (photo by Elisha W.)
Nathaniel, Mr. Wahlquist and cousin Andre (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.)
Yours-truly, cleaning tools (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.)
Micah kindly reads to Jaden and Stephen. This is such a sweet photo (courtesy of Elisha W.)
Volley-ball after supper
"Where's the ball?!" -- This is a hilarious photo! :)
Stephen, Benjamin, Mr. Wahlquist, Micah and Phoebe. I was on Mr. Wahlquist's team in both games (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.)

Sweet Deborah, watching the volley-ball game (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.) *Smiles*
This is such a neat photo! It looks like Mr. Wahlquist is going to get the ball over to the other side. Yay! (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.)
This is the second game (photo: courtesy of Elisha W.)

We all had so much fun! Thank you, Wahlquist family, for letting us come and help you!!


Allison said...

Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work! Andre and Stefon came to church with white arms. :D I miss you guys!


The Kautts said...

Dear Allison,

It certainly was a LOT of fun and work. Ha! I came home with partially whitish/gray hair!

We miss you too. Oh, congratulations on Ava's birth! She is cute. :)

Love in Christ,