Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stuccoing with Friends

This past Saturday we helped some friends stucco their guest house. We had a lot of fun, got really dirty and were very tired after getting home. Thanks, W.'s, for letting us help you stucco! It was so much fun and enjoyable.

Yours-truly, Deborah and Stephen on the way to their house.


Elisha, Beth, Johanna and I worked on cutting wire to make "pins" to push the chicken wire back against the hay bales.

Mixing up a load of stucco

Shooting the shooter :)

Johanna's hair turned gray as a result of working under the scaffolding from which the guys were dropping stucco (don't worry, it wasn't on purpose!). :)

Mr. W. working on stuccoing by the back door.

Micah, Yours-Truly, Beth and Elisha, all hard at work.

I was putting the finishing touches on the bottom of this wall.

The guys had the fun section up high.

Yes, their guest house is made out of hay bales!

They had a creek flowing in between the two houses as a result of the mixing of the stucco.

Stephen had a fun time playing the red sand. He was so dirty at the end of the day!

Nathaniel created a stucco cake (want some?!)

The window up high in the bathroom. The different textures are interesting.

And of course they had to take a picture of Johanna and me! :)

Wendy, Ben's goat

Stephen and Deborah took Johanna and me over to take a look at Wendy, the goat.

Beth playing a piece before lunch

Thank you, Mrs. W. for the delicious supper (and lunch!)

Micah is riding his unicycle in this picture. He's very good at it!

So, after all that hard work, we decided to use up our last ounces of energy to play a couple rounds of volleyball. It was well worth it!

Mr. W. serving

In action

They have a nice place to play volleyball. They just got it set-up and are already enjoying it. :)

"Who's gonna get it?"

On our way out on their dirt road. Actually, it's not even worthy of being called a road, it mostly consists of deep ruts filled with water (especially after rain!). The ride will definitely give you a chiropractic adjustment, but maybe not quite the kind you'd like to have! :)


Johanna said...

Hello Johanna, just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email! ;)

Hope you and your family are enjoying this lovely spring day!


The Kautts said...

Hey Johanna,

Yes. I received your e-mails. Thank you for them!

We are enjoying this beautiful weather.


Anonymous said...

That was SUCH a BLAST!!! :) Oh course, since Elisha and I are penpals, it made it even more fun.

Love from your sis/sis,