Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Trip - Part 5: Visit to the Pink House

This post will finish up our long story about our recent family trip

From our cousins house in S. Eastern Ohio, we traveled across Indiana, Illinois and into Missouri until we came to St. Louis.  There we stopped off to spend Monday night (July 26) at the dorm of St. Louis Christian College.

The girl's dorm at St. Louis Christian College.

We were all so tired after being on the road for so long.

We weren't able to stop off at the Arch, but we were  able to view it from the highway.

We left SLCC around 10am or 10:30am, and traveled across the state of Misery, uh, I mean, Missouri.  =)  And we got into Joplin, to the Pink House, just in time for supper.  The people of the Pink House were very generous to let us eat a bite of supper with them, and spend the night at their house.  :)  Supper was very good: delicious chili, with cheese and sour cream, and fresh tomatoes and carrots. 

The Pink House

After supper, we went outside and played around, and talked.  Then we played some of the infamous games, such as, "I saw a bear," and, "green magic."  (If you've ever been at their house, you'll probably know what I'm talking about.)  We stayed up 'late' playing another of their favorite games called, "confusion".

We were visiting outside in their side yard, while the guys were...

...jumping on the trampoline.

More talking.

Abbie C. and Abby K. on the swing.

The twins: Angela (with the camera) and Amber.

We were very entertained by their dog, Annie.

Friends: Abbie, Abby and Hannah.

The next morning they fed us all breakfast, which was very delicious, I might add.  Then we had our Bible time together, and visited a while longer, before we had to head out back to our home-sweet-home.

Hannah is currently learning to play the fiddle.

Luke (left) is playing, while Jaden watches.

Daniel plays "the bones".

Ben, the youngest of all the C.'s.

Johanna and Abbie C. pick tomatoes from their giant tomato plants.

Their tomatoes were large and DELICIOUS!  There's nothing like a homegrown tomato. =)

The C.'s backyard garden plot.

One of their many beautiful Zinnias.

A gorgeous sunflower in their garden.

We left the C.'s around 11am, and headed toward our home.  We finally got back in around 5:30pm, tired and relieved to be back home again, after being on the road for 13 days!  But, we are very thankful we were able to take this trip as a family, and for the Lord allowing us this opportunity. 

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