Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cute babies (part 1)

We have a lot of photos of babies we know, so I thought I'd post some of them. I took a few of them, but some are not taken by me. Here they are:

Alex Malachi, helpin' out! ;-)

Noah John and Abby

Camille W., Abby and Jaden enjoyed playing with this baby at Rendezvous. All of the photos of this youngster were taken by either Abby, Camille, or Jaden. I took all of the other photos.

Annie W. (Camille's older sister) also enjoyed holding this bright-eyed youngster :-)

Jaden plays with the "happy baby".

I can't imagine what this little one was saying! The expression is priceless! :P

Hannah Faith K.

"Bong, bong, bong"-- Hannah loved to bong on the metal chairs! ;-)

Cousin Nate

That's all for now. More to be posted!

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