Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Un-Constitutional Census

I am an unusual person, and thus I enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal (online) on an occasional basis. In more than one instance I have been (pleasantly) surprised by their straightforward, concise and truthful reporting of the facts.

I ran across this article about the up-coming 2010 census and how it will invade the privacy of Americans with its pointed questions and means of "figuring out" just who we are. Unfortunately, the regular media has neglected this issue for more interesting items of news.

The authors argue that since 1980 at least, the census has not truly answered the question it was initially set up to answer: citizenship. The census is only supposed to number citizens, not non-citizens for representation purposes.

States such as Texas, Florida, California, Ohio and New York would see an increase of Representatives from their state due to the excessive number of "non-citizens" that "need representation." And yet, those non-citizens don't abide by all of the laws of this land! Do you see a double standard here?

I would encourage you to read the article and come up with your own conclusion, but maybe it will make you re-think this whole census issue before the member of the "head counters" comes around next year.


Harlan Woods said...

I am concerned about the unconstitutional question the Census taker will be asking, which I do not believe I have to answer. I am thinking of making a set of questions to ask the Census taker, such as where do you derive your authority to ask questions not having to do with a head count of citizens etc.. If He/She will not answer my questions I will not answer theirs. I am not sure if I am on legal ground. Harlan Woods Grand Junction,CO 81507

The Kautts said...
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The Kautts said...

Mr. Woods,

Thanks for commenting!

We share your concerns regarding the unconstitutional aspects of the upcoming Census, in that we do not believe that we should have to answer much more than "How many people in this residence?", "How many registered voters in this residence?" [maybe not this question], and "What is the citizenship status of the residence at this residence?" Anything beyond this is beyond the scope of their jurisdiction. For example, "How many people voted for someone other than Barak Obama in the 2008 election," or "What is the average yearly income of this household?", or other such unnecessary questions.

These are the questions that we will be answering at our household: Citizenship status; Number of residents; and maybe age and voter registration status.

Since you are a legal Citizen of Colorado, I assume, you are therefore a Citizen of these United States. Therefore, the Constitution protects your God-given rights to privacy, and if these rights are violated, you have the right to press charges. The Fourth amendment guarantees that, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and EFFECTS, against unreasonable [meaning no real reason or unrational] searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation [A judge has to swear that there is enough evidence of probable cause, or else, if the cops come in, after having obtained a search warrant, and find nothing, you can sue!] and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

I hope this helps!
Caleb Kautt

Srl said...

Dear Caleb,
In theory the Constitution would protect such. However, we live in a land where precedent and 13 USC Sec. 221 are the law of the land, not the Constitution as subservient to the law of God in the hearts of judges and people, as it should be. The king's heart is like water in the Lord's hand- pray for our leaders, including judges. Study the Law, for it is life. Be self governed, by Christ. And should the Lord call, be available to serve by leading (governing) in the home, the church, and/or the state.
Meanwhile, be wise and discern the times as to who or rather what is the law and the god of the land. Paul pressed his citizenship rights - but always with wisdom and discernment. Is refusal or neglect to answer the questions and thus being fined not more than $100 (I quote the law here) or any other trouble worth and the right way to be making a stand on? It is a question that must be answered by you before the Lord.
No disagreement with the constitutional argument (although I don't know if it mentions the census at all?)- just a question of application.

The Kautts said...

Dear Srl,

I thank you for your comment. Yes, I would have to agree that what you said in your comment is a good perspective. Thanks for the gentle reminder and the admonishion! Actually, there is a mention of a census in the Constitution. So,I guess that the Census laws on the books are extra-constitutional, and maybe not un-constitutional.

So, Mr.Woods, I would have only one more thing to say in light of Srl's comment, and that is, if you do refuse to answer all of the questions on the census, know that it might put you in danger of arrest, being put on a "black list", etc.. So just count the cost; if you are married and have children, do you want to spend time in jail? Can you afford to spend time in jail? Or could your time be better used in educating other people regarding the un-constitutionality of this style of census? Just some food for thought. Always do the Right thing. Obey the Governing authorities - as long as they are not commanding you do disobey God and His laws. See this link for the really scary part of this upcoming census -

Thanks for your concerns Srl, and Mr. Woods!


Srl said...

Dear Caleb,
You are most welcome. Thank you for your response. Indeed, article 1 section 3 mentions an 'enumeration' or head count. Anything besides just counting, is, I would think, extra constitutional.
That is a very good statement of the risks involved. A number of folks do not count such costs, I am sorry to say. How could my time be best used to the glory of God is the real question. The gov't policies arent' the core issue, the core issue lies in the hearts of the people who elect those who support such policies.

Harlan Woods said...

Thank you Caleb and srl for your word of wisdom. I had forgotten Paul's words concerning obeying those he has placed over us as long as it does not violate God's law. As a Christian I want to be obedient to God's word. So I suppose I will answer the (Kings) questions. We need to pray for our Leaders and our Country. I am sure God's hand of judgment is upon America. Keep looking up. God Bless Harlan Woods