Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A visit to the park & a visit with some friends

On Sunday afternoon (1/11) around 3:30 we went up to a nearby park. We were thinking of inviting one of our friends that live nearby, so Johanna called them. What's funny is that they were already up there! We didn't have to invite them. We mostly talked with them about such things as: politics, Creation Science, Alex (their son), gardening and, of course, health (we always talk about that!). Anyway, here are some photos of their cute son (their only...yet):

Alex was throwing & kicking the ball. I think he really enjoys that!

He has all 8 of his front teeth in. He's so cute here smiling! :)

I think Alex isn't quite sure about us taking his picture (we haven't been around him much)

I love this picture! He just staring down at the camera. So cute! :)

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