Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bye, Bye, old house! :-( (part one)

You may have heard that we have a two story playhouse in our backyard. Well, not so much any more. Lately, we have been discussing the issue of planting a bigger garden. So, we decided that the playhouse blocks out the sunshine too much, and that we should destroy it and make a much smaller one. I was sad, because we have made many memories in that old house: playing ranch or farm, restaurant, courthouse, fort, house, grocery store, general store, bed and breakfast, and most anything you can imagine. But, Jaden, on the other hand, loved the demolition part of the construction! :-) He's just a boy! ;-) He loves to demolishing things and sometimes I ask him for some of his energy (he has an over abundance of energy). :)

Before the demo

Here Abby is taking off the rustic paneling inside

Here I am in the playhouse, hammering the nails out of some boards
Dad even helped some!
Two walls off, two more to go!
Wait a second! Momma told us to never run in the house!

The roof is off and here Caleb is hammer the nails out of boards.

Well, I'm really going to miss the old house, but, at least we will get to build another one (hopefully).

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