Monday, January 12, 2009

More of Mom's Artwork ~

Here are a few more pieces of art (either colored pencil or watercolor) done beautifully by Mom:

Purple peppers (watercolor) - "This was a values study to help me determine if I understand how to use light & dark paint to show 3-D form on a two-dimensional surface. I could've been more realistic & used green paint, but I had plenty of purple & thought it would be fun to use it instead! (And-some of you geometricians can give me a hard time if you like!)" - Julia

Three sisters (colored pencil) - I love this drawing, it seems so realistic (at least to me), vivid and...just good (but I'm biased).

Blackeyed Susan (colored pencil) - Mom drew this from a photograph taken by Joel

Blackeye Susan (watercolor) - This is just the same as the colored pencil drawing, except in watercolor

The Shepherd's Staff (watercolor) - This one mom designed herself. I think she did a wonderful job (but, again, I'm biased :) ).

African Violets (watercolor) - I'm not sure where she got this from, I think she got it from a photo out of some magazine. Or...she might have painted it from a plant we have. Not sure.

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